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In celebration of its 20th anniversary, KEVIN.MURPHY recently hosted its largest-ever hair show, the Reflective Perspective Global Hair Show in Budapest, Hungary. This milestone event brought together over 1800 attendees from 40 countries, including stylists, alumni, employees, and devoted fans of the brand. Kevin Murphy, renowned for his transformative approach to hair styling, reflected on the brand’s journey and future direction during this grand occasion.

Featuring over 48 models styled in the signature KEVIN.MURPHY fashion, the show highlighted cutting-edge techniques in coloring, cutting, and styling. Alongside Murphy’s masterful demonstrations, the event showcased the collaborative talents of industry leaders Yannick and Gabby, known for their innovative work celebrating natural textures and bold hair statements.

As part of its anniversary celebration, KEVIN.MURPHY is set to release limited edition designs of its iconic ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY. These exclusive products pay homage to the brand’s heritage while emphasizing its commitment to innovation and style. Kevin Murphy expressed his vision for the future, promising continued innovation and a dedication to challenging conventions in the beauty industry.

A massive thank you to KEVIN.MURPHY and the Ozdare team for having us and the FAME Team along for the international celebration of a lifetime! Here, we catch up with the man himself – Mr. Kevin Murphy – and deep dive into his inspirations, the evolution of the brand, and what lies ahead for KEVIN.MURPHY enthusiasts worldwide.

kevin.murphy kevin.murphy

“The team and I didn’t set out to simply redo our iconic hair styles and textures. We knew we had to push things further, a reinvention that was not just on brand, one that moved the brand forward.”


TJ: 20-years in the business of hair! You were a pioneer in packaging, no animal testing, and a more botanical approach to haircare, taking the market by storm. How have you continued to pioneer in the space over the years, and what are some of your most memorable milestones/product launches?

KM: From the outset I wanted KEVIN.MURPHY to be different. I knew the range had to be visually distinct, there seemed little point filling innovative formulas into something that looked too regular. I also knew that the “choices we make” were important, that we needed to make considered decisions for the environment that we constantly revisit and change as technology does. 20 years in the making seems like a good time to reflect on the ideas that managed to see the light of day. I’m not sure what the future looks like except that we’ll continue to think outside the square.

TJ: KEVIN.MURPHY also forged one of the earlier alliances with fashion. How has fashion proved an integral pillar to the growth and profile of the brand?

KM: Fashion tells a story, from the runway to the digital world. For me it’s the story of the creative team, working to create a single moment. That’s the world of the session stylist and for me it’s a world full of inspiration and expression, where a single moment can inspire an idea that will translate into a product. It takes many people behind the scenes to build a brand. So really, it’s our visibility at events and in salons as a fashion brand that creates a cycle of change that affects all of us for the better. 

KEVIN.MURPHY has a long-standing history with Fashion Week’s around the globe from on schedule shows like Paris Couture Week, to Miami Swim Week. We love collaborating with designers to bring a vision to life and tell a story through the hair and fashion – it’s part of our DNA. 

TJ: The Budapest show is a journey through KEVIN.MURPHY’s best looks from the past 20 years. Give us your top two favourites and why?

KM: For me it’s always the high performance hair and effortless looking texture. I was always humbled by Vogue crediting me with being one of the creators of the ‘beach hair’ aesthetic but that was then, and this is now. The team and I didn’t set out to simply redo our iconic hair styles and textures. We knew we had to push things further, a reinvention that was not just on brand, one that moved the brand forward. 

It was great to officially launch our limited edition designs of HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY and ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY at the show too, to honour the last 2 decades and celebrate our styling heritage. 

TJ: How important is education to the company now and in the future?

KM: KEVIN.MURPHY EDUCATION has a mission to be more than just the best CUT, COLOUR and STYLE education around. Our focus is to allow salons and stylists to reach and expand their own potential, to give the tools to prepare for and enhance productivity to better meet the needs of clients. The client and your professional development are at the centre of everything we teach, and we use a range of technologies to deliver this knowledge with multifaceted deliverables to drive the salon business and enhance the everyday. 

TJ: What does the future of KEVIN.MURPHY look like from a short- and long-term perspective in terms of new products, sustainability goals, colour etc?

KM: Well colour innovation is always a big focus for us but for me it’s about getting back to our styling roots. I have a few things in the pipeline that I am really excited about, and we are always revisiting existing things. As I mentioned we always look for ways to make the lives of stylists and their clients better. 

TJ: Any chance of a 20th birthday edition of the COLOR.BUG?

KM: No promises or necessarily plans but there is always room to be fun! I am always on the lookout for new ideas…

kevin.murphy kevin.murphy

kevin.murphy kevin.murphy kevin.murphy