Earlier this year, the Fox and the Hair’s Mia De Vries joined apotecari bioactive hair care as the supplement company’s newest Brand Ambassador.

To celebrate the pair’s partnership, we caught up with new recruit Mia De Vries and brand founder, Simone Abaron, for the scoop on apotecari’s game changing supplement range. Stylists, take note.

Tell us about apotecari bioactive hair care.

Simone Abaron: apotecari bioactive haircare is Australia’s very first range of salon- exclusive nutritional supplements, dedicated to achieving healthy hair from within. We are a family-owned company born, nurtured, and raised in Bondi Beach.

Tell us about apotecari’s brand philosophy.

SA: We’re all about delivering healthy hair from within; drawing on scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom to provide clinically effective, innovative, and quality bioactive hair care products. Being a salon-exclusive brand, [our supplements] are prescribed to clients by stylists, as stylists know their clients’ hair better than anyone else.

Mia, talk us through your new role as apotecari’s first Brand Ambassador.

Mia De Vries: We are a perfect match! I’ve always believed that healthy, gorgeous hair starts from within, and I’m so excited to share my experiences with our clients and stylists. It’s amazing the difference these supplements can make as part of your haircare routine.

What drew you to apotecari?

MDV: I love finding opportunities that are lacking in the market, and being at the forefront of new things. With [other] generic hair, skin and nail tablets, formulations are so weak it can take a year for any results to show. Apotecari [on the other hand] is concentrated, and made specifically for the hair and scalp – meaning clients can experience results quickly; around the 3-month mark! Some clients have reported dramatic changes in the first month.

Simone, what inspired you to develop the products?

SA: My hair is part of what defines me. Some might consider this a superficial belief, but biologically the health of your hair is reflective of your inner health – which is important to me. After years of going overboard with chemical treatments (and having my hair turned to jelly at a prominent salon in 2014) I decided to take action, realising that if anyone was going to fix my hair, it would have to be me. I was frustrated by the lack of targeted hair care supplements on the Australian market, and the inspiration for the brand was simply a fortuitous turn of events. Needless to say, I have long healthy hair again!

How does the system work?

SA: The apotecari range is made up of 3 products, targeting the different hair concerns most common in Australia and across the globe. The range targets the anatomy of hair and hair-related structures, with each ingredient having been carefully selected and scientifically formulated based on its action on these structures.

Where are the supplements made and manufactured?

SA: All of our products are made in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia. The products have ‘AUST L’ status, which means that they’re designed and made according to strict quality control processes, and hold evidence supporting all claims which are made about them. Whilst it is much more expensive and time consuming to produce supplements in this way, this approach was important for us as a company because it meant that we could give hair stylists and their clients’ confidence in our brand and products.

Who is the target apotecari client?

SA: Our target clients are those who love their hair, and have an interest in health and wellbeing. We’ve had incredible results with clients who are suffering with poor hair health (including slow growth, brittleness, dehydration, damage, premature greying, poor colour retention) as well as scalp conditions (like itchy, dry flaky scalp, psoriasis, and dermatitis).

How do you determine which product/system is right for each individual client?

MDV: We do a thorough consultation and diagnosis, and first focus on the clients’ biggest concern. Are they suffering from premature greying or hair that’s resistant to colour? In this case we would recommend Colour Lover. Dry, itchy, sensitive scalp? You’re going to need Crowning Glory! Do you dream of longer, stronger, thicker hair? Mane Event is it! All of the above? The products can even be used all together maximum results.

Can you share with us three of your top tips for hair care and maintenance?

MDV: Don’t be a stranger, book regular appointments with your stylist. Be sure to use your correctly prescribed hair care, and update your products as your lifestyle changes with the season. For the most beautiful hair, complement your treatments and nourish your hair from within using your chosen apotecari hair supplement.

What advice do you have for clients looking to try apotecari?

MDV: Make a commitment; 3 months in is when you’ll see the best results, so you need to stick it out. One #HotTip: put together an apotecari membership and auto ship your clients their hair supplements in case they can’t make it to the salon.

To find out more, visit: https://apotecari.com.au

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