The business section of the AHFA’s recognises professionalism by businesses, companies and individuals within the Hair Fashion industry. By rewarding, representatives, salons, education and training, the AHFA’s are able to profile and bring attention to the background workings of the industry.


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Australian businesswoman Sali Stevanja applies a strong-arm in steering the Stylerunner brand. Stevanja, cofounder alongside twin-sister Julie, was the first independent e-tail pioneer to expand the activewear dialogue in 2012 in a bid to enhance the marketplace and position themselves as industry leaders.

Recruiting some of the world’s leading brands from fashion capitals around the world including New York, London, Stockholm, LA, Sydney and Rio. Stylerunner has forged a reputation as the premium online retail destination for activewear.

Stevanja, who runs the business’ daily operations, has developed strong links with the worlds of contemporary fashion, recently collaborating with individuals such as Nikki Lee Penny of NLP.

The turned out entrepreneur‘s style channels the casual-luxe look of Daria Werbowy and Kate Moss – her staples this season include Alexander Wang leather pants, a Lisa Marie Fernandez body-suit and cropped Nike hooded-sweat.
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Terry Hawkins has been a a pioneer and prominent educator in business and personal growth training for over 30 years. As a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) she is one of less than 7% of speakers worldwide with such a distinguished designation. Before relocating to Los Angeles, California, Terry was Australia’s most booked female speaker for many years, is an award winning entrepreneur, award winning author and award winning speaker and has presented to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Terry’s quest is to empower both people and businesses to utilise their most undiscovered resource available to them – their true self.

Terry is currently serving as the 2013-14 President Elect – National Speakers Association (Greater LA – USA) and has also been appointed the 2014 Dean of the Speakers Academy (National Speakers Association – GLAC). She has also been awarded the following accolades:

2013 NAPW Woman of the Year Award – Business Education USA

2012 President’s Call to Service Award USA

2012 Editor’s Choice & Rising Star Award for Why Wait to be Great?

2012 Radical Woman Entrepreneur Award USA

2010 NSA HALL of FAME – Educator Award for Excellence AUS

2005 Certified Speaking Professional Designation AUS
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Moving on from the corporate managerial world, Wendy from Wedded Wonderland started her journey in the Wedding Industry as a planner in 2010. She has worked on over 250 weddings covering every religion, rite of passage and style you can think of… Wendy has experienced it all! When planning Weddings Wendy was always on the hunt to provide her clients unique, original and affordable concepts for their special day. When it came to planning her own Wedding, it became personal! Wendy was on the hunt for all the inspiration in the world! Pinterest, Instagram even Facebook business pages were in their infancy. Wendy was after something a little quirky… a lot individual. Many of her brides informed her she was their one stop shop for ideas- finding bridesmaids dresses, DIY, styling, problem solving (mother in laws dot dot dot the list goes on).

In 2012 Wendy started consulting to the Wedding Industry on IT, Marketing, Social Media, PR and general business acumen. Her first client was Steven Khalil. She found her skill set with a mixed background of Education, Project Management and Wedding Planning ever so useful to this traditionally based industry.

Wendy’s client base grew rather quickly through word of mouth. There was no one out there who consulted to the Wedding Industry from the industry (being the operative word). Her main focus became Social Media when she recognised the struggles of small businesses (being 95%) in communicating their day to day interaction with brides, products & services with the market (marketing in the Wedding Industry is very costly and limited). She started blogging as a means to prove Social Media works!

November 2012 Wedded Wonderland had a humble 1,000 followers. Today, Wedded Wonderland has over 450,000 followers on Instagram & Facebook with numbers growing every day. Wendy has focused heavily on building an online profile working as a channel to communicate between the Wedding Industry and brides… and they love it! Trunk shows, events, expos, designer showcases you name it, Wendy has it covered! Local & Internationally renowned designers contact Wendy on a weekly basis to launch new collections, showcases and sales!

Wedded Wonderland’s prime focus has and always will be the BRIDES, her favourite saying is ‘it’s all about the brides’ if the brides don’t like it, she won’t post it! Wendy has also focused much of her energy in educating the industry on the importance specifically on Social Media building over 1 MILLION followers for the Wedding Industry in 2013 alone. Wendy has been called the most influential figure in the Wedding Industry by many of her peers. Her focus moving forward is creating original, unique content for Wedded Wonderland through servicing the Wedding Industry; if you want the brides to know about it… you give it to Wedded Wonderland.


At the age of 25 with only $50 to his name, Justin Herald set about changing the course of his life.

Justin created Attitude Inc, a clothing brand that became an international licensing success that turned over in excess of $20 million per year.

Justin’s success was so well noted that he was named the “INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR” for 2005.

He recently was also awarded the Future Leaders Award, which recognises him as being one of the 50 most influential leaders of the next generation in Australia.

He recently launched “Customer Culture” which is a customer service and sales training company, with companies all over the country wanting to engage his expertise on retaining customers and growing revenue.

He has had his own column in numerous magazines and in papers nationally in Australia. His articles have a weekly readership of over 5.5 Million people.

His website receives over 30,000 hits a day.

He also is the author of 8 international bestselling books. He also personally mentors over 100 business owners each year

Justin is regarded as one of Australia’s most sought after speakers with engagements book all over the country and overseas speaking in front of 150,000 people each year.
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Pat is a self-made multi-millionaire and is an internationally celebrated and gifted speaker, seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, mindset growth strategist, bestselling author and consultant.

Pat’s passion is to EQUIP and EMPOWER individuals and businesses to experience growth and prosperity to their fullest potential. His expertise is to SHIFT MINDSETS AND TO BUILD BIGGER PEOPLE to produce results.

His dynamic leadership and business skills have allowed him to build the largest and most successful youth organisation in the southern hemisphere, “Youth Alive” having over 15,000 teens in regular attendance.

Pat also graduated over 400 young Men with drug addictions into a recovery program with a staggering 86% success rate.

Pat’s books have sold in excess of 700,000 copies worldwide and his motivational programs have sold over 2 million copies internationally — transforming the lives of all it touches.

He is recognised as an expert in the field of motivation and creating a Millionaire Mindset, business development, executive mentoring, international speaking, self-development, relationships and accelerated mental and emotional transformation. He is also the International chairman of the Mesiti group of companies.

He is the author of 8 best-selling books such as “The $1 Million Reason to Change Your Mind” “How to Have a Millionaire Mindset”, “Soaring Higher”, “Dreamers Never Sleep”, and “Staying Together Without Falling Apart” just to name a few.

Pat’s appearances on many television programs has seen him televised into 14 million homes plus articles published in newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally, has made him a sought-after speaker and consultant on the international stage.

Pat’s enthusiasm combined with his great sense of humor gives him the ability to move an audience into action as well as give them practical resources to help them achieve their goals.

For the past 3 decades Pat has worked, travelled, consulted and spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in over 39 countries from CEO’s, to celebrities, actors and sporting personalities. For more than 35 years Pat has worked, shared the stage with and trained with other world class speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Donald Trump, Denis Waitley, Dr John Demartini, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Bob Proctor, Allan Pease, Zig Ziglar, Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones, Willie Jolley, Morris Goodman ‘The Miracle Man’ and Captain Jerry Coffee just to name a few.

Pat is committed to helping raise 10,000 millionaires through his works. He will shift your mindset, touch your heart and increase your wealth.


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Luke is a self-made and internationally acclaimed businessman, having built and sold his first enterprise to a Nasdaq listed, billion dollar company. All before the age of thirty.

From humble beginnings in the front room of his house, within three and a half years Luke had built the largest Background Screening company in the Asia Pacific region, employing over 100 people.

His dynamic leadership, strategies and business skills have allowed him to go on and build a number of background screening and due diligence companies around the world.

He is recognised as an international expert in the field of background screening and due diligence.