We worked with Japan’s rich history of Samurai, Geisha and Harajuku girls to create hair that pays homage to Japan’s traditions, culture and colours of it’s beautiful landscapes while making it modern and wearable.

Alan White

Following a notable absence from the MBFWA roster, Aussie design darling Camilla Franks made her Fashion Week return, with a multi-sensory spell of artisanal theatricality.


Enter ‘The girl I was, the woman I am,’ an aptly titled resort offering that artfully explores the female experience, tracing the elusive journey from girlhood to womanhood through the ever sublime imagery of Japan.

The Collection: This year’s anticipated Fashion Week closer, Franks’ namesake collection was every bit the sensorial trip – think aromatic incense permeating the room’s expanse, a petal bathed runway and the designer’s trademark fabric work elegantly draped over both sides of Carriageworks’ cavernous Gallery space – a transcendental site befitting the show’s ethereal air.

The scene was spectacular… the garments, exquisite.

Inspired by the designer’s most recent stint in Japan, the collection beautifully drew from Japanese imagery and symbolism, with the interweaving experiences of girlhood and womanhood informing many of the collection’s inherant dichotomies. “In Japan, both the girl and woman unraveled, playing in the juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern; the mysterious and erotic, the playful and exotic,” mused the designer.

“I wrapped myself in ancestral kimonos and transfixed myself in the pride, tradition and unity passed down through kimonos and ceremonial dressing that light the way for girls to find their womanhood and the infinite possibilities that lay in this realm.”

The Hair: To accent the collection’s themes of self hood, femininity and empowerment, the ever-dynamic Alan White led a team of Goldwell stylists – including Lead Stylist Ida Trimacco of Orbe, Adelaide – in creating a soft, face framing look that would not overpower garments.

“Today it’s all about creating traveller hair for every one of the Camilla tribe. We’re working with the entire Kerasilk range, which I’m really excited about; it’s more about setting the hair than it is building volume,” said Alan.

“We’re doing waves, we’re doing movement, and really opening up girls’ faces; we’ve been setting the hair a little bit more open so that as models walk, hair is not sweeping across their faces.”

“We worked with Japan’s rich history of Samurai, Geisha and Harajuku girls to create hair that pays homage to Japan’s traditions, culture and colours of it’s beautiful landscapes while making it modern and wearable. We included paper origami style ties around some of the caught pony’s to represent peace hair.”

One of the show’s many highlights included a moment in which Camilla herself led a 20+ strong line of young girls through the cherry-blossom ornamented runway, before pausing to receive her ovation; an ephemeral moment of jubilation that perfectly encapsulated the inspired week that was.

How to create The Peace Hair Pony TuckStep 1: Apply Goldwell Kerasilk Style Bodifying Volume Mousse, to hair where needed to assist in adding hold and finish to the hair. Open up the forehead by creating a finger wave movement around the face, securing with pins.

Step 2: Dry hair with a diffuser and encourage natural movements. Use your fingers to work the hair close to the head for root direction without volume.

Step 3: Use a mid size curling tong or wand to enhance the indentation movement throughout mid-lengths only, not on the ends

Step 4: Finish off mid lengths and ends using a round brush, without stretching the hair. Smooth the hair with a small amount of Goldwell DualSenses Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum to the ends.

Step 5: Use a wide tooth comb to comb through and loosen the hair.

Step 6: Finally add all over texture with GoldwellKerasilk Style Texturizing Finish

Spray. Pro Tip: Spray onto hand first then work through hair, this adds texture without dampening down the movement created.

Step 7: Use an elastic to form a low pony then ‘Catch it’ to create a loop.

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Image Credit: Esteban La Tessa