With day three of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia done and dusted, we’re rounding up a new set of key hair looks. Take note.


The look for today’s Macgraw show was soft, whimsical and full of natural movement – the perfect accompaniment to each of the collection’s pieces. “Today’s show is taking place in a castle, so we wanted the hair to be regal – which really suits the Macgraw look,” said Hair Director Byron Turnbull. “We’re going for a look that will float down the runway, have a really light, beautiful texture and complement the garments. We began by layering KEVIN.MURPHY’s Anti.Gravity volumiser and Hair.Resort over the top of each other, and then dried product in using the natural texture of the curl of each girl’s hair. We next used a small tong to create positive and negative/ backward and forward tong settings before letting the hair set.” KEVIN.MURPHY’s Powder Puff volumising powder was finally applied at the root, before  hair was backcombed at the hairline. Models with finer hair were also treated to Seamless1 hair extensions for added thickness and volume.

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The return of the supermodel. For today’s Jet’s Swim show, Hair Director Lee-Ann Suthern curated a high-glamour, supermodel inspired hair look that was high on volume and polish. “We’re working with old school vintage glamour clashed with 90s Versace, big, voluminous, sexy hair,” said Lee-Ann. “The inspiration comes from the 90s super models with big hair, think: Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. We’re keeping the hair really fresh, really simple and really light; letting that texture do the talking rather than over doing things with product.” Waves were buoyant and bountiful – the perfect accompaniment to this season’s playful swimwear offering.

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Working closely with designer duo Lizzie and Georgie Renkert, Hair Director Richard Kavanagh created a “lived-in texture and utilitarian braid juxtaposed with romantic fly-aways.” Richard continued, “The We are Kindred woman is very anchored in her femininity. We didn’t want this look to be too whimsical, so we’ve added a gritty texture to the hair. It should feel almost as if our girl as pulled her hair out of the way and plaited it out of her face – this is a functional, rather than decorative plait.” Hair was first prepped with Redken’s One United All-In-One Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment and Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray to achieve a gritty, albeit nourished texture, before which Pillow Proof Two-Day extender was misted through for extra grit. Hair was next blasted with heat for a lived-in texture. “Use a curling tong to create an effortless bend, pull back, low at the nape and braid loosely with an overhand three-strand braid. Keep the look balanced by braiding slightly tighter than you’d like your finished look and loosen it with your fingers afterwards. This will make it more secure and last longer.”

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The look for Blair Archibald built on the natural fall of hair, enhancing the texture of both male and female models’ tresses to create a wet, matted finish. “Blair and I have worked together for about six years,” said Hair Director Melvin Royce-Lance, “This show represents six years of buildup! Blair wanted something a bit more natural; working with the natural shape and texture of each model’s hair.” To achieve the look, stylists prepped hair with Eleven’s coveted Miracle Hair Treatment (which also acts as a heat protectant, hydrator and strengthener) to give the hair a natural gloss. Eleven’s Sea Salt Texture Spray was next spritzed through for texture, and to assist with building the wave formation. “After applying the hero products, we next diffuse dried hair and brought it forward toward the front of the face. Once hair was brought forward, we created a finger wave effect around the forehead, before tucking remaining hair behind the ears. The rest of the hair was left free flowing.” To finish, a final layer of Sea Salt Texture Spray was sprayed through to create the wet finish. “There’s a slick effect around the top, close to the face, though the rest is free-flowing.”

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Renowned for their playful take on elegant garmentry, luxe outfit Pereira Fitzgerald artfully explore the duality of strength and sensuality, creating pieces that are characteristically feminine, with a hint of brash masculinity. To complement this season’s luxuriously femme collection, Hair Director Michelle Mcquillan kept hair soft and effortless, creating a mellow wave to enhance the overall vibe of dainty elegance, without detracting from garments. Hair was tonged into loose waves for optimum runway movement, before being gently swept behind the shoulders. “For this look, we’re beginning with a centre parting,” said Michelle, “We’re next using TIGI’s Queen for a Day thickening spray around the front and the parting, before blasting the hair through with heat. Next we’re tonging through to create a loose, natural wave.” Roots were spritzed with TIGI’s Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo for added texture around the hairline, with curls gently loosened with fingers. To complete the look, hair was spritzed with TIGI’s Flexi Head Hairspray for light hold that would allow for movement, before being sprayed with Headrush Shine Spray fir a luxurious, polished finish.

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To complement the show’s aesthetic, Lead Stylist Garreth Lenagh (KMS Global Artist and Creative Director at Prema) opted for three distinct looks, each working with the models’ distinct characteristics. “What we’re looking at creating today for Hansen & Gretel is really working with girls’ natural texture. If she already has a bit of movement, we’re enhancing that. We’ve got three looks: the first look is natural, the second is a low ponytail and then we’re moving through into a more established look of what we’re calling a grunge curl.” The looks included a soft, natural wave which progressed into a half up look secured with rope detailing. The third look, aptly titled a grungy curl, repped a grungy, lived in texture – the perfect juxtaposition to the garments’ soft attribution.

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On hand to rep the hair sphere was none other than Haircare Creative Director and Educator Lauren McCowan, who led a team of Cloud Nine stylists in fashioning a series of bespoke hair looks for each of the show’s models. “With the C/MEO girl, we really wanted their hair to be very individual to each person,” said Lauren. “Today I wanted to explore and celebrate what I think are the two biggest hair trends right now which are the art of of the individual and self acceptance. Its all about heroing and celebrating and the hair that you have, not forcing and stretching the hair to do something it doesn’t necessarily want to do.”Curly hair was looped around curling wands to gently polish and seal, while for straight hair, irons were used to ‘paint in a wave’ and build upon natural shape and movement.

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The goddess tasked with curating a series of uniformly divine hair looks was none other than Renya Xydis, who led a team of Wella stylists in creating a series of bespoke hair looks to fit the brand’s theatrical zeitgeist. (Think: extreme quantities of glitter, gilded and bejewelled headdresses, and scattered star sequins no less). “Working with Romance Was Born is (much like the collection) a dream for me,” enthused Renya. “Anna and Luke’s creativity and openness towards design allows me to be experimental with the hair styling.” [For this evening’s show], We channeled ‘goddesses’ across multiple looks, using a spectrum of EIMI styling products and of course, glitter; all of the glitter.” Romance indeed.

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