Art of Gifting 2022 - Deni x Matrix Art of Gifting 2022 - Deni x Matrix Art of Gifting 2022 - Deni x Matrix Art of Gifting 2022 - Deni x Matrix

The Art of Gifting is back for another year of artistic celebration, as Matrix Australia joins forces with stylist, podcaster and LGBTQIA+ activist, Deni Todorovic (@stylebydeni) for its 2022 ‘The Art of Gifting’ campaign. 

The beauty industry’s antiquated (and let’s be honest, overdone) cookie cutter approach to what constitutes beauty has been given a much needed update with this year’s campaign. Three different Matrix packs, each featuring selected hero products, are emblazoned with positive handwritten affirmations from Deni… A gift pack that is sure to leave a smile on your loved one’s face!

The brand’s core belief – All Hair Types, All Humans – is evident in the exciting campaign. Deni has been a styling tour de force within Australian fashion for many years and is a vocal activist for queer and human rights, pushing the envelope around topics of gender, sexuality, politics, race and equality. In an interview with TJM for the 2021 print magazine, Deni discussed this push toward representation within hair and beauty. “Truly, it’s life changing to see the representation (that so many have been longing for) finally manifest across various touch points of the industry,” they said of this shift. “I feel fortunate to live in this very moment.”

In further support the partnership Matrix have donated $10,000 to Deni’s organization of choice, Wear It Purple. Founded in 2010 in response to the stories of several young rainbow people taking their own lives after bullying and harassment, Wear It Purple has grown into a worldwide movement over the past decade. More information on the organization can be found HERE.

To learn more about The Art of Gifting 2022, click here.

Art of Gifting 2022 - Deni x Matrix