A spritz of the good stuff can send limp or greasy strands into a new style dimension, creating the illusion of just-washed hair, regardless of the day-count… but are we using it correctly?

We’ve all been there.

Staring down the shower at another 45-minute hair wash… Brush. Shampoo. Shampoo, again. Don’t even get us started on the post-care. Blame it on our schedules (or a need to hack the system), but the lure of dry shampoo seems impossible to ignore.

The holy-grail of lazy girl styling, dry shampoo is no doubt a gift from the hair gods, but as with all beauty miracle workers it’s not without its pitfalls. Which begs the vital question… are we using it correctly? Answer: Probably not.

Sure, a spritz of the good stuff can send limp or greasy strands into a new style dimension, creating the illusion of just-washed hair regardless of the day-count. But (and it’s a very big but) going heavy-handed can leave you with a powdery mess; one that even the thriftiest of at-home-hair-hackers will struggle to redeem.

Fear not. With a little help and practice, you too can master the oh-so-fine art of dry shampoo application and maintenance – in less than the time it takes to rinse-repeat-and-style. To help you out, we’ve enlisted Joico Artist (and all round cool girl) Carolyn Gahan for a little at-home hair advice… and more than one home truth.

According to Carolyn, the first step of any successful dry shampoo sojourn begins with choosing the right concoction for your hair type/and or colour. In doubt? Always follow this simple rule of thumb: Dark hair calls for dark shades, light hair calls for lighter shades. It’s as easy as that.

“So many brunettes use sprays that were designed for blondes or lighter hair (and vice versa) which is why they end up with that dull, powdery look,” says Carolyn. “You have to choose a shade that’s right for your hair colour, otherwise everyone will know you’ve skipped a wash day!”

“I’m really hooked on Joico’s Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo,” she adds. “Not only does it absorb oil, but it also leaves your hair feeling and smelling fresh.” A win-win. Carolyn’s hack for hiding grey or grown-out roots? Use a shaded spritz to blend roots with mid lengths, for a more subtle contrast between regrowth and coloured hair.

Next on the agenda? A healthy dose of separation… “I like to start by first parting my hair, roughly with my fingers,” says Carolyn. “The idea is to create five main sections, so that product can be applied and distributed evenly.” Top tip: “Don’t forget the back of your crown; this is a section most people overlook.”

While it may seem pretty obvious, Carolyn stresses the importance of thoroughly shaking product prior to application; “Be sure to give your bottle a really good shake before you start spraying, otherwise you’ll end up with a dousting of liquid, as opposed to the actual dry shampoo.” Not a good look.

As for Carolyn’s fail-safe spray technique? “Holding the can or bottle approximately five inches from your head, start with a light spray and add more product as needed. Next, rub the product through with your fingers, before brushing out with a soft bristle brush – a bristle brush ensures the product is dispersed evenly.”

While dry shampoo can be a great (and lazy girl approved) alternative to every-day hair washing, it’s important to maintain a solid care routine. Moreover, over-use of dry shampoos, or any other styling products, can result on scalp issues or dandruff in the long run, as each blocks the release of sebum from the scalp.

“Be sure to wash your hair at least once a week, especially if you’re using dry shampoo,” says Carolyn. “I always recommend a good clarifying shampoo (or extra round of washing) to  eliminate scalp build up and leave hair feeling squeaky clean. For girls with hair extensions, be sure to use a formula that won’t impact adhesives.”

Another key tip for maintaining that fresh, just-hopped-out-of-the-shower finish is make sure you tend to your ends. “I like to use a good serum to counteract dry ends application,” says Carolyn. “Clear serums are best for all colour types. These won’t discolour lighter hair and are great for rehydrating dry or spit ends.”

Carolyn’s picks for umpteenth-day, lazy girl hair styles? “Dry shampoo gives hair a little more grit, providing a great base for up-styles, braids, ponytails or buns. I like throwing my hair into a bun; pulling out the sides and top-sections for a looser finish (as opposed to a flat, tight bun).”

As for dry shampoo’s lesser known use (the professional stylist’s best kept secret); “Use dry shampoo on clean hair for added texture, or to extend the life of your blow-dry” says Carolyn. “A few sprays of the right formulation will give you grip, hold and volume. It’s great for styling – especially if you’ve just had a treatment.”

Simply spritz to clean roots (for textured lengths, invest in a good texturising powder; we love Natalie Anne’s NA-S2 Undone Perfection Powder) and you’ll have volume for days. Et voila… fresh, voluminous hair, minus the effort. A lazy girl’s dream.

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