‘The work invites us to contemplate technology’s expanding dialogue and engagement with the human body into the future.”

Director of NGV, Tony Ellwood

Provocative and beguiling: Lucy McRae’s Body Architect is an explorative mission into the evolution of the human body.

The science fiction artist, filmmaker, designer and self-titled ‘Body Architect’ delves into her contemplative work in this new (and free) exhibition.

Posing one all too pertinent question: What will the human body look like at the turn of the next century?

Responding with a glimpse behind the curtain of the wizard that is McRae, the exhibition offers a sneak peek into her most intimate musings on the topic. 

Reflecting on the future of humanity and the biology, beauty and health of the body, McRae enlisted an eclectic assortment of collaborators (ranging from scientists to pop musicians) to assist her in her creative research practice over the past thirteen years.

Running until February 2020, the exhibition is for art lovers and sci-fi fans alike, bridging the gap and piquing interests for anyone who has ever pondered the origins of life.

With an obvious nod to cult classics like the Fifth Element and Prometheus, McRae considers the effect of space travel and how human resilience may be enhanced to better cope, through her seminal work Institute of Isolation: an observational documentary exploring the concept of isolation and the impact it might have on people when experienced for decades at a time.

Journeying over to the more immersive work, Future Day Spa will see you transported into a vacuum pressure chamber; the experience mimicking the sensation of being hugged tightly – boosting relaxation levels in the process.

While you’re there, have your face projected onto gallery walls – where you can see your features tweaked with the aid of the Biometric Mirror.

Along your way, you can spy the series of dramatic yet ethereal digital images created in collaboration with Dutch textile artist Bart Hess, along with the iconic image created for pop maven Robyn’s Body Talk album cover.

McRae’s time with both local and international musicians is also highlighted through a collection of music videos she has created for bands including Architecture in Helsinki and Reptile Youth.

An exciting pull for the NGV’s new season of solo exhibitions, Body Architect will be open to the public, free of charge from now until February 9, 2020 at NGV Australia, Federation Square, Melbourne.

Check it out.

For further details head to  www.ngv.vic.gov.au