NEWS: Lauren McCowan joins M DIVISION as Hair and Education Director


Industry icon Lauren McCowan joins M DIVISION as Hair and Education Director, strengthening the company’s value proposition overnight.

There’s no denying 2020 has thrown a strong stream of curveballs at all of us, both personally and professionally. But for all its challenges, this year has forced us here at M DIVISION to sit down, take a breath and really think about the current industry climate, its short-and-long term future, and ultimately how we can better service its passion, people, brands and prosperity.

And while we’re bursting with news (we can’t share just yet!), we’re so excited to reveal our recent recruit – an industry legend needing no introduction – Lauren McCowan, M DIVISION Hair and Education Director.

The move is a direct response to our industry’s deeper navigation online, connecting digitally more so than ever before. Also, our supporting brands’ request for content curation speaking to both consumer and professional – prosumer pieces profiling artists, culture and product in one sweet, suite of social-primed assets for ample conversions and the end user front of mind.

“I’m so excited to be taking on this new challenge with such a vibrant and innovative team of legends. I’ve had a varied global career across hair, creative direction, education, brand and product development, content creation and implementation. I am so grateful for the time I have had and the skills I acquired with the Haircare group and evo international, and am so proud of everything I achieved there,” starts Lauren.

“I had gone as far as I could in my previous tenure and was looking for my next step and opportunity to evolve and really create movement in the industry in a brand neutral space. This role affords me the capability to really drive new concepts in education and strategies for brands that will move the industry forward. With the ever-evolving landscape of 2020, there are entire new frontiers for education, content, community connection and business for the professional industry that I am so excited to explore and bring to everyone. I’ve been a close friend and supporter of M Division since its inception, and I am lucky that some of my closest friends work there now. After spending most of this year soul searching on my next move after being nonstop for eight years, this feels like coming home.”

M DIVISON Founder and Director, David Mannah spearheaded the relationship upon realising a gap in the market for a neutral hair and education expert. Someone who can work in collaboration with brands both young and established as they develop or evolve their education offering to meet the new objectives that digital demands.

“Words can’t describe our excitement in having Lauren McCowan Join M DIVISION as Hair and Education Director. The value proposition of MDIVISION’s new business model has officially escalated tenfold. Lauren offers key insights in ‘brand to professional’ and ‘brand to consumer’ across education, content creation, product performance and commerciality. Welcome to the fold Miss McCowan!” he says.

Lauren’s experience in the creation of digital education is invaluable in itself and presents an opportunity for our brands’ artists to really elevate their presentation skills, on camera and beyond. With the social media landscape louder than ever, content needs to be engaging on every level for browser connection and any kind of ROI.

“One of the things I am passionate about and excited to push forward is  M DIVISION’s dedication to effectively bridging the gap between professional and consumer in a way that heroes the industry but ensures that our consumers can continue the experience at home. There are so many business opportunities in that space for salons and stylists to better connect long term with their clients and also for companies connecting their big picture,” says Lauren.

“There are so many things already in progress, but whatever initiative we undertake, the skillset I bring to the existing M DIVISION team is not just a high understanding (of hair and the mind of the hairdresser), but mostly adding to strategy and ensuring that any content has ample ROI – connecting strategies across education, sales and marketing for any client we work with. 360-degree concepts with the end user in mind.”

Welcome Lauren. Watch this space.