Beauty is within. Beauty is giving back. Beauty is making a positive difference to the world through our energy.

Proving the persistent power of reinvention, warriors for sustainability and clean beauty: Pureology welcome a new brand chapter.

Scheduled for global rollout this August, Pureology’s 2020 rebrand features new look packaging, improved formulas, and the same core values that have made the brand iconic… albeit expressed through a new and timely mantra.

Enter Beauty with Meaning: Pureology’s new and reimagined mission statement reflecting a widespread shift in societal notions of beauty – or more specifically – what constitutes as traditionally beautiful, on both internal and aesthetic levels.

It’s a message that posits beauty as more than just a physical facade… but rather a precious, internal phenomenon. Something that occurs, and thus radiates from within. As echoed in the brand’s most recent campaign material:

“Beauty is within. Beauty is giving back. Beauty is making a positive difference to the world through our energy. It is about inspiring, empowering, innovating, empathising and spreading joy through mindfulness and compassion.”

Making this vision (beautifully) manifest, Pureology has partnered with a hand-picked troupe of inspiring Aussie women for the first ever Beauty with Meaning Collective.

Comprising delegates from all walks of life (from business owners and entrepreneurs through to wellness gurus and beauty experts) the collective will collaborate on discussions of importance, in an effort to uplift, inspire and educate.

The lineup will be socially platformed across 2020 through a raw and uncut content series – wherein each of the women will share her respective inspirations, life journey, beauty ideals and how Pureology fits into her daily life and routine.

Founded in 2001, Pureology has steadily grown and evolved to meet the needs of modern consumers, providing luxury products made with clean ingredients that protect and revive colour-treated hair, while championing sustainability.

Close to two decades on, the brand retains its iconic vegan formulas, signature aromatherapy and sustainable packaging; all while remaining steadfast to its core values of integrity, sustainability and transparent communication across the board.

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