As any professional colourist will tell you, toying with the prospect of a blonde transformation can be (seriously) risky business.

What with the endless stream of formula combinations, the (oftentimes unattainable) client reference pictures and of course the time it actually takes to make such leaps a tangible reality. Don’t even start us on the maintenance and education…

As such, it’s vital to equip ones’ self with reliable, versatile and high performance merchandise; products that not only look the part – but do just what they claim.

Enter Evo Bottle Blonde; a professional lightening portfolio that provides unparalleled lightening capability, plenty of flexibility and clean, even results. All while respecting people and the planet – as all good heroes should.

Dubbed the ‘swifter lifter’, Evo’s Bottle Blonde trio comprises three product staples, namely the Powder Lightener, Clay Lightener and finally, the Colour Remover (coming 2021!); all of which have been expert formulated for easy application and consistent results.

First up?

The Powder Lightener; a versatile powder lightener suitable for all lightening applications, evenly lifting up to 9 levels while preserving the hair’s strength and moisture. Thanks to its creamy consistency, it’s easy to control – and won’t dry out, swell or bleed.

Next is the Clay Lightener; perfect for creative and precise free-hand lightening, evenly lifting up to 8 levels while maintaining moisture to prevent dryness, crumbling, swelling or bleeding. It’s also great for all free-hand applications without the need for foil.

Last but not least is the Colour Remover (set to hit shelves in 2021), which removes direct dye, demi-permanent and permanent pigments from colour-treated hair. With a unique blend of gentle persulphates and strong cleansing agents, this hero effectively removes all types of colour.

“I love the fact that Bottle Blonde gives me such a beautiful and even lift every single time,” says Evo Head of Education, Jay Kownacki.

“The fragrance-free formula means that I can offer clients on-scalp comfort like never before. The fact that our carbon footprint is reduced with the refill option means that I can go about my job feeling proud of the choices I make,” he adds.

As with all ranges in the Evo stable, Bottle Blonde is notably vegan, cruelty free and void of petrochemicals (instead using non harmful ingredients including isopropyl myristate, guar gum and kaolin) – so it’s both client and environmentally friendly.

Likewise, each product is also fragrance free (reducing potential scalp irritation and sensitivity during the lightening process) and packaged in refill bags so as to assist salon owners and businesses in the reduction of superfluous plastic waste.

Yet another job well done.

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