The room was packed Tuesday evening in the La Biosthetique Academie in Waterloo as hairdressers from all around Sydney came for an evening of science and discovery at the unveiling of the new PCC system by La Biosthetique. Two years in the making, this technological development is the first hair care system that rebuilds, not reconnects sulphur bonds in the hair.

“It’s very important to educate hairdressers on what actually happens within the hair,” said Alexander Fuchs, Education Manager of La Biosthetique. “When you understand how sulphur bonds work, then you can understand the difference in what we’ve got.”

Being able to explain the science behind repairing haircare is no new thing for La Biosthetique. With 70 years in making bio-mimetic products and with their own laboratories and manufacturing in Ger- many, it’s a given that being able to explain molecular advancements in their products. And PCC is no different.

La Biosthetique’s Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) is the latest bond treatment system to be released on the market, but the difference is this time it gives the hair 5 x the strength. The guests were treated to a lavish grazing table and fine selection of drinks before moving into another room for the indepth science lesson to see the proof of this groundbreaking system. Presented by guest speaker and Colour Ambassador Brett Albury from the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community and La Biosthetique’s Education manager Alexander Fuchs, the presentation went deep into the molecular level of the hair shaft to ex- plain how and why this system works so well.

In speaking from a salon owner’s perspective, Brett Albury had this to say about using PCC in his salon, Murphy Gozzard for the past five months: “It’s not how my client’s were leaving the salon, it’s how they were coming back. Even six, eight, ten weeks later they would return and their hair was absolutely uncompromised.”

The first system to rebuild, not reconnect bonds, the La Biosthetique PCC system provides a lasting solution to chemical damage in the hair. The impressive claim that this system works like none other on the market is scientifically backed up by independent studies done by the University DWI -Leibniz Institute in Germany. Tested alongside its competitors the PCC system proved to give the hair 5 x the strength then the competitive brands, making it the most powerful system on the market*. The launch was held at different points around the country with the last event set to happen on the 10th of April in Melbourne.

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