The revered Australian brand showcases two distinctly beautiful campaigns for 2017/18.

For KEVIN.MURPHY’s 2017/18 campaign efforts, the iconic Australian brand would create two editorially sound collections: each showcasing the brand’s seasonal trend offerings. Chic, polished, and effortlessly feminine, each campaign image reflects the understated glamour and down-to-earth approach that have come to embody the KEVIN.MURPHY name.


Drawing aesthetic cues from the Australian landscape, ‘Outback’ distills the brand’s penchant for naturalism; artfully exhibiting four lived in hair looks, in a selection of natural hues. Amidst a quintessentially Australian backdrop, earthy, warm tones accompany soft, whimsical styling, for a nouveau-luxe air of modern glamour.

Unexpected Familiar

Deriving inspiration from ‘Memphis’ architecture, and Art Deco styling, ‘Unexpected Familiar’ contrasts bold patternry and detailed embellishments, with crisp, clean and sophisticated hair styling. A throwback to 60’s modernity, the campaign is every bit the pop fantasy, inviting viewers into a new realm of inspiration.

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