K18 Hair Range 3D Illustration of Protein K18 Hair Range

Imagine, if you will, having the chance to change your hair as you would your clothes without the risk of serious damage.

You could be brunette one day and blonde the next, no compromise attached …which is exactly what K18 promises. Hair like new regardless of what you’ve put it through!

A decade spent in the lab scanning and testing all amino acid sequences (in search of that lightbulb moment slash keratin genome that makes up hair), the team finally found one unique sequence that reverses years of damage at a molecular level – the patented K18Peptide™. Who’s to thank? K18 Co-Founder Suveen Sahib.

Realising the genesis of many problems lay in the average person’s hair habits (as well as an industry relying on outdated science), Suveen left his work in the tech industry and set out on a  data-fueled mission in biotech to unlock a new way of doing things in the hair world. In collaboration with a skincare scientist, the key learnings came around bioactive peptides and protein-based polymers.

He became obsessed with the science behind hair and discovered that while cosmetic  chemistry could temporarily repair damage – or make hair appear healthier – the way to true renewal was through biotechnology.

Hair is everything. It’s a canvas for confidence. It’s a conduit for art.  It fuels our identity. 

K18 Hair Colour Breakthrough Hair Close Up

Clinically proven to reverse damage in just four minutes, this two-step in-salon service is the first product to use biometrics to reconnect keratin chains broken by bleach, colour and chemical services. Boasting peptide technology to boot, perhaps the very best part is maximum results in minimal time. A win for both stylist and salon guest!

Of course salon revenue and continued hair health is top of mind with K18 Leave-In Treatment offering both stylist and salon up-selling opportunity, and a more thorough service to the client.

Years of damage, gone in moments? The chance to be a true colour chameleon, sans the risk? K18 promises to pave the way in a beautiful relationship between biotech and haircare… And we for one, are well and truly on board!

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