Jenni Tarrant Climbs Kilimanjaro and Meru for Vulnerable Children and Adults


Jenni Tarrant, owner and Principal Stylist of Bond Hair Religion loves a challenge. She also loves achieving goals. Put these two things together with raising money for vulnerable children and adults and we have ourselves an adventure.

In 2013, Jenni completed the harrowing Kokoda Track in just five days, raising $15,000 for Bravehearts – a national charity educating, empowering and protecting Australian kids from sexual assault. Amazingly, Jenni raised this money in just six weeks prior to her trek. She didn’t even get a blister -sure, she lost some toenails but not one blister!

Never one to rest on her laurels, Jenni continued her intense physical training for her next fundraising adventure – climbing not one mountain but two. In June 2016, Jenni will climb the two highest mountains in Tanzania, Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Imagine starting at 40 degrees and ending the day at – 40 degrees! Jenni is well prepared with her fitness regime. Most people wouldn’t think she would be able to squat multiple sets of 160 kilos.

Jenni does a great deal to raise funds for charity and support the local community. Her salon being the major sponsor of LifeLine’s Women of Spirit Awards (acknowledging women who have overcome adversity to contribute to the community) is just part of the reason Jenni was awarded the 2015 Canberra Women in Business Outstanding Community Spirit award.

With all the many worthy charitable organisations out there, why choose Bravehearts and LifeLine? Bravehearts is very close to Jenni’s heart. She is a survivor of child sexual abuse herself, as are many of her friends, some family members and clients. It never ceases to amaze her how many people talk about their own experience once Jenni has been open about her own journey – some for the first time ever. With over 50,000 Australian children being abused every year, something needs to be done. And Jenni is doing her best to contribute to the healing.

LifeLine is a 24 hour crisis line which assists vast numbers of Australian every year. Jenni is a trained LifeLine telephone counsellor and did many overnight and daytime shifts for years after her training. She knows first hand the importance of that easy to access service, particularly for suicide prevention. There are specialists to deal with adults and children who are vulnerable. It is up to the rest of us to raise the money so they can do their job helping to heal the vulnerable and the damaged in our society. Every cent helps.

– TJ