Introducing Mr. Masci, a handsome new barbershop located amidst the buzz of East Brunswick’s Lygon Street. Artfully lodged between tree lined cafes and alfresco dining spaces, the newest venture from the team at Masci Hair and Spa is every bit the male domain (complete with a Heineken stacked fridge and comfy barber chairs). Catch up with Revlon Professional Ambassador and 2016 AHFA Victorian Hairdresser of the Year Malisa Masci for the inside scoop on this thriving new salon space.

Why did you choose the location of Lygon Street for the new salon?

MM: Word on the street is that Lygon Street Brunswick East is going to be the coolest corridor in Melbourne. It’s an eclectic and vibrant spot, but has an untouched, raw sort of vibe, so we felt it the perfect place for Masci to open a store two years ago. We hit the ground running, becoming very busy quite quickly. We noticed a lot of guys were walking in wanting an on-the-spot cut, and as it happened the shop next door was up for lease. So we thought; why should the girls have all the fun, let’s open a luxe men’s hair salon! This is our new baby, and so far, so good.

Who is behind the barbershop?

MM: My brother Paul is behind this new crusade. Men’s cutting is his passion. He has won a few awards, particularly over the last couple of years, and was really keen to open a men’s only salon. He’s already talking about opening a few more over the next couple of years! My brother is an adrenalin junkie by heart, and he loves the laid back feel the new salon has to offer. In there, it’s beers all round, talking footy, snowboarding and race car driving. He is in his element.

How is Men’s hairdressing and barbering changing your business?

MM: A few years ago I actually thought barbershops would just be a trend. I know now they’re here to stay. I am not sure if barbering has changed our business a great deal – yet. We still offer the salon experience, just packaged up in a different way that’s more suited to men’s needs. When it came to opening a men’s barbershop, we started seeing these cool businesses popping up and as a family we thought; if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

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