Moroccanoil as a brand was famed by the consumer, purely because the performance met and even exceeded expectations. It’s powerful to be aligned with a brand whose success is cemented in that.

Peter Beckett, Moroccanoil Ambassador

Between travelling and educating the world with Moroccanoil as the brand’s Australian Ambassador, Peter Beckett is between-sets as a leading session stylist. We’ve worked with him – he’s a hair genius and moves between looks, up-down, soft and gritty with magical ease. Get to know him.

TJ: Why is the Moroccanoil brand a suitable alliance for you as an artist, and a brand in yourself?

PB: Moroccanoil suits my style of work in that it allows me to create hair that looks and feels like hair. The looks I create day-to-day vary widely between sets, and the product performance is one I can trust. Moroccanoil as a brand was famed by the consumer, purely because the performance met and even exceeded expectations. It’s powerful to be aligned with a brand whose success is cemented in that.

TJ: How does Moroccanoil support you on set as a session stylist?

PB: Moroccanoil allows me to be creative with product combinations and the finishes I can create can be really unique. What I love most is that it’s near impossible to overuse and the integrity of the hair is always maintained

TJ: Your hero Moroccanoil product mixation – a way that stylists may not think to use/mix Moroccanoil products?

PB: I just shot an amazing story with Jessica Hart and my mixation for that was definitely original. A combination of the Moroccanoil Texture Clay and Moroccanoil Strong Gel, warmed together in the palms and applied from roots to mid-lengths. The result is gritty texture and soft, natural ends. I was pretty excited by the result.

TJ: What do you think of the new Repair and Protect range – why is it a game changer?

PB: Moroccanoil Mending Infusion is a complete game changer as it instantly absorbs and mends split-ends and other surface damage by literally sealing the hair back together. Think a freshly-cut appearance without the cut. It’s also perfect for between-salon-visits, or for those clients who love the ‘pretend’ haircut.

For me as a session stylist, Moroccanoil Perfect Defense is vital. It’s completely weightless heat protection that doesn’t interfere with my styling result.

TJ: What is currently inspiring you?

PB: I’m super fortunate to be travelling with Moroccanoil and educating throughout Asia. I get so much fuel from working with talented people who approach hair differently to the way I do. The collaborative environment of education is addictive, and the opportunity to learn and bounce ideas around with each other is really something special.

TJ: Something the industry may not know about Peter Beckett?

PB: I’m a golfer and a gardener.  If I don’t have my hands in hair they are outside swinging clubs or picking weeds.

TJ: The most common mistake made by session stylists on set?

PB: I’m not sure this is the most common mistake but more a tip to keep in mind. Everyone on set has ‘the most important’ job. It’s about being a team and collectively bringing someone else’s vision to life. It’s important to take differences in creative opinions constructively and use it to get a result that works, and to ultimately make beautiful pictures.

TJ: If you could work with any photographer in the world who would it be?

PB: David Bailey! He’s a modern photography pioneer and creates entirely timeless images.

TJ: Who was Peter Beckett before a Freelance Hairstylist and Moroccanoil Ambassador?

PB: I started my career as an apprentice in the deep northern ‘burbs of Brisbane, eventually moving to TONI&GUY to finish my apprenticeship (where I stayed until moving to London). In London I re-trained with Brooks and Brooks before moving on to assist Rafael Salley. In the end I picked up my own agent and the rest is history.

TJ: Why is Moroccanoil a great addition to any professional salon environment?

PB: Moroccanoil is a very powerful brand for salons as its success is driven by consumer demand. It is what the majority of clients want – naturally amazing hair, in the best possible condition it can be.