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There is something truly special about the relationship between hairdresser and long-standing client. Oftentimes outlasting the romantic type, it’s the collaborative salon experience helping to build this essential foundation of trust. A bond so special, L’Oréal Professionnel presents all new concept, Powerful Duos.

An industry specific term speaking to the essential role of hairdresser in a client’s life: Creative, trusted advisor and source of empowerment. We recently spoke with Xiang Hair’s Jamie Furlan and Danielle Solier about the significance of these connections, like the one they’ve had for over a decade, with model and entrepreneur Lucy McIntosh. Plus, bringing this concept to life in your own salon.

TJ: What is it about sitting with a hairdresser that makes people want to tell them their biggest secrets?

D&J: Our guests are like part of our family, [and] we ride the highs and lows with them. They tell us things because we have built that trust and relationship over a long period of time through helping them create their look, so they feel comfortable in their own skin.

TJ: There’s also a lot of trust shared. How do you feel about that responsibility, and how do you ensure you earn the trust of your clients?

D&J: Consultation is key! If there is ever a misunderstanding, it’s most likely because we didn’t ask the correct questions or use enough resources to properly diagnose what they were after. We love the responsibility of creating change for our guests, it excites us just as much as them! We believe that you earn the trust of your guests by exceeding their expectations.

TJ: How can having good hair – and a good hairdresser – change a client’s life?

D&J: Having the right hairdresser for you can change your life in more ways than one. When your hair is looking amazing, you tend to have a spring in your step… And that can be infectious! The right hairdresser can offer change, so to keep things exciting from season to season. We are also trained to prescribe any professional haircare that a client may need at their different stages of life. Finding the right hairdresser is often a life long partnership. For a lot of our guests, we have become trusted confidants.

TJ: What is it like having all those close relationships simultaneously, through juggling so many clients?

D&J: It’s amazing! When the salon is full with guests, it is buzzing. A lot of our clients see each other quite regularly in the salon, which has created a sense of community that we love. We are so humbled to be their hairdresser of choice.

TJ: So many people have said that coming out of lockdown, the first person they wanted to see was their hairdresser. Have you found that to be the case, and why do you think that is?

D&J: Lockdowns have been quite stressful for a lot of people. One way to help shift that mindset is to make a change, and where better to start than with your hair?

TJ: Emerging from lockdown into a summer of freedom, what are the hottest hair trends right now?

D&J: A lot of our guests (prelockdown) were heading towards darker, warmer tones. Coming into the warmer months, we are seeing biscuit beige and nutty tones for our blondes, and more bronding, caramel and auburn for our brunettes. We love using L’Oréal Professionnel’s Metal Detox – a game changing product that detoxifies and neutralise metals in the hair fibres – for all colours for the strength/shine it gives the hair. We also love how practical it is with salon timing.


“Finding the right hairdresser is often a life long partnership. For a lot of our guests, we have become trusted confidants.”

Jamie Furlan & Dani Solier, L’Oréal Professionnel Artists