I’m trying to start and lead important conversations; ‘What can I do for other people? What can I create that will make peoples’ lives better?’ It’s important to take away that financial goal, and really focus on your message. I try to be as authentic as I can be – it’s what we crave nowadays.


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Meet Jen Atkin; the celebrity hairstylist-turned-entrepreneur who’s enabling the world’s hair addiction with thoughtful finesse.

Dubbed the ‘Most Influential Stylist’ on the planet by the New York Times, (and a wisecracking hair hero by Kanye’s better half), Jen’s millennially sound brand portfolio reps a popular care and styling brand, web destination, and a legion of high profile clients and insta-followers who endorse her every movement.

We caught up with the boss lady behind many of the world’s most iconic hair transformations, the original mane addict and AHFA Icon of the Year: Jen Atkin.

TJ: How would you describe the standard of hairdressing in Australia?

JA: Effortless, natural, chic. I have so many Australian friends who have been setting trends for years – Elle Ferguson and Christine Centenera to name a few. The girls here are beautiful, and like the French, understand the beauty of effortlessly, chic hair. 

TJ: Tell us about your friendship with Kevin Murphy.

JA: We’ve been friendly for years. I love the products he creates, and the packaging is so innovative. Kevin works hard, and has been such a champion in putting Australia on the map in the hair world! I was excited when he invited me to attend this year’s AHFA’s.

TJ: You’re unquestionably one of the most influential hairdressers on the planet, what inspires your work approach?

JA: I’m trying to start and lead [important] conversations; ‘What can I do for other people? What can I create that will make people’s lives better?’ [It’s important] to take away that financial goal, and really focus on your message. I try to be as authentic as I can be – it’s what we crave nowadays.

TJ: Who are your hair/beauty idols?

JA: I really love Kim K; she’s always pushing the envelope with her looks. Also, Huda Kattan [of Huda Beauty]; I love that she’s always trying new things and inventing beauty trends; it’s amazing how much content she can create. Negin Mirsalehi has incredible hair, and I love her recently launched haircare line, ‘Gisou’.

TJ: What’s your go-to quick fix for a bad hair day? 

JA: Embrace and enjoy the natural texture of your hair, instead of fighting it. OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam is your new BFF – massage a ping-pong ball sized amount through your roots (like you’re shampooing), and it will dry without messing up your style – promise! Add OUAI Texturizing Spray for an extra boost of dimension and volume. If you want to tszuj your waves and make them beachier, mist OUAI Wave Spray and scrunch hair in your hands.

TJ: How can the every-day woman achieve Kardashian/Hadid worthy tresses? Any tips or tricks you swear by? 

JA: Be sure to get enough sleep, and don’t wash your hair too much. I strongly believe that skin and hair health start from within; for years I was sending clients out to buy supplements and vitamins before launching my OUAI supplements. I also swear by sleeping on a silk pillowcase, and SLIP is my favourite.

TJ: Talk us through your net-breaking web platform, Mane Addicts.

JA: Mane Addicts is an authoritative and rapidly growing destination for all things hair. With its ‘cool, modern voice’ Mane Addicts speaks to professionals, stylists and consumers; it’s THE digital source for the world’s most influential trendsetters, celebrities, hairstylists and haircare brands. Our mission is to increase confidence, help connect artists and push creatives to challenge themselves while exchanging knowledge.

TJ: Where do you source your creative inspiration? 

JA: I get a lot of inspo from Tumblr and Instagram, and honestly just crowdsourcing on IG stories and Snapchat. I also love going through the Mane Addicts Pinterest page.

TJ: What five items must be in your beauty bag at all times?

JA: KKW Beauty Highlighters, Huda Beauty Liquid Matte color Gossip Girl, Marianna Hewitt’s Summer Friday Jetlag Crème, Kylie Cosmetics Illuminating Powder and Sunday Riley LUNA face oil.

TJ: If you could share one piece of advice for someone looking to follow in your footsteps, what would it be?

JA: Be humble, work hard, and don’t try to compete with anyone else; there’s enough to go around for all of us to be successful. Don’t expect success overnight; it takes years of hard work to build a long-standing career.

TJ: What’s next for Jen Atkin in 2018? 

JA: I’m always thinking of new ways to innovate the beauty industry while remaining authentic and creative. I want to empower women to learn how to do their own hair by creating tools, products and content that make it easier to do so without a stylist. The goal is to stop making the conversation just about women being pretty, and start celebrating the spirit and power of being a woman.


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