He’s the founder, director and colourist behind the Edwards&Co empire that requires no introduction, and beloved by celebs and clients alike for his signature beach babe aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates Aussie style. We are of course talking about Jaye Edwards, renowned for his hot takes on the latest trends and commitment to helping clients work with what they have to achieve a look they love. 

Who better than Jaye then to take us through the coming year’s hottest trends? If you’re after a little sneak peek into what to expect in salon in coming months (or perhaps after a little inspo for yourself), be sure to catch our chat with Jaye below!

TJ: What are the top hair trends that you’ve seen this summer in salon?

JE: We’re seeing a lot more requests for expensive, shiny, and glassy brunettes. Since the cost of living crisis, this has become quite popular as its low maintenance and allows clients to get the most out of their colour with greater longevity between salon services. 

TJ: Do you have any predictions as to what to expect trendwise this coming year?

JE: Nude blonde started creeping back in 2023 and will make a strong comeback in 2024, it’s a warm neutral blonde thatthe blonde girls can opt for to achieve a natural, lived-in look.

Regarding cuts, the long bob is a cut that will suit all hair textures and faces, it’s a fun little transformation for the new year. I love this style in particular because of the additional face framing, this is optional but makes hair more dimensional. I’m predicting 2024 is all about short hair! 

The butterfly cut was massive in 2023 but I don’t see it going anywhere this year. The butterfly cut works with all hair types, it is a combination of short and long layers to give off a butterfly wing look whilst creating shape around your face. 

On par with the 90s supermodel blow out trend, the butterfly cut is the next big thing. It is a great way to create an illusion of fuller hair without sacrificing too much length. 

  1. How do you navigate translating these more uniform trends to a specific client?

JE: We take into account a client’s skin tone, eye colour, and their lifestyle. It depends on if they are able to maintain the colour you create or are they looking for something low maintenance.

Before we get them in the chair we also go through a consultation with them to work to their hair goals. 

TJ: Are there any trends you hope die out in 2024?

JE: We’re going to see a decline in the Scandi hairline trend due to the damage that it can cause, if not done properly. I’ve never been a fan as you’re so limited on who you can do this technique on. I will say if done correctly, it can be beautiful.

I think we will move away from the Cherry Cola and red colours, moving towards a more natural, copper look. A lot of clients just want to enhance what they have naturally. 

TJ: Where do you draw inspiration from when looking at trends/new season looks?

JE: I get a lot of inspiration from nature, I love seeing the texture and shades that nature creates seasonally. 

TJ:In terms of products and salon retail, are you seeing any trends in salon from clients?

JE: Clients are becoming more conscious about the health of their hair, so we’re seeing a lot more sales in hair masks, and good quality shampoos and conditioners – it’s important to tell our clients to take care of their hair to keep that salon quality hair up to fresh from home. 

TJ: Who is your ultimate dream client, living or dead, and why?

JE: Marilyn Monroe, I’d love to know what she would have looked like with a bit of dimension.