I was born into a fast-paced family salon environment and raised in a hairdresser’s world. I love the technical aspect of a men’s cut. There is often so little hair to work with but you can create a variety of different looks by focusing on intricate details.

Aiden Xydis, SEB MAN Global Creative Artist

Introducing SEB MAN: a new range of professional hair care, styling and grooming products for men who refuse to be categorised.

Developed with the GEN Z cohort front of mind, SEB MAN snapshots the hurried pace of millennial living, acknowledging the shift in what constitutes masculinity in an ever evolving social climate.

Bold, savvy and ultra-progressive, SEB MAN caters to the those who reject stereotypes and limiting notions of identity; those who manage multiple career paths, passions and life demands in pursuit of a charged existence. Those like SEB MAN’s newly appointed Global Creative Artist and Principal Barber at The Men’s Grooming Room; Aiden Xydis.

No stranger to the winds of creative change, Aiden’s vision, talent and flair for barbering have rendered the lively 22 year old the perfect choice to rep the SEB MAN trademark both locally and abroad; with the burgeoning star heading up SEB MAN’s creative portfolio, education and brand messaging in 2019 and beyond.

We caught up with Aiden ahead of the brand’s salon launch later this year.

TJ: What inspired your entry into the worlds of hair and men’s barbering? AX: I was born into a fast-paced family salon environment and raised in a hairdresser’s world. After I qualified in hairdressing myself, I gravitated towards men’s styling and it became more about the craft. I love the technical aspect of a men’s cut. There is often so little hair to work with but you can create a variety of different looks by focusing on intricate details.

TJ: Where do you typically source your creative inspiration and technical expertise? AX: Everywhere. I love the world of tattoos and I am an illustrator myself, I was fortunate enough to travel at an early age and just being exposed to different cultures and people has inspired me.

TJ: Tell us a bit about the Men’s Grooming Room. AX: The Men’s Grooming room is so much more than a traditional barbershop. We promise solid cuts, good conversation and even a nice stiff drink; a modern-day barber room with an old school feel. The space has a 1950 American Barber chair at the centre and the room is perfectly sized; designed for one on one time and away from any hustle and bustle.

TJ: What does your role as SEB MAN Global Creative Artist entail? AX: I have been able to travel to some amazing locations and work alongside some of the most creative people I have ever met – from other stylists to models, influencers and production teams, I have been able to expand my own creative vision as well as being proactive in creating my own ‘style’. Working alongside Shay [Dempsey] as a mentor has allowed me to thrash out some creative ideas and looks. One of the most exciting things about this role is the education videos – I am able to make my own online tutorials where people can view, share and try my craft, and I like that.

TJ: What first drew you to SEB MAN? What about the brand resonates with you most? AX: The SEB MAN brand resonates with me on all levels – personally, aesthetically and creatively. Much like my salon space its heralds a ‘no-nonsense’ ethos from its packaging to the ingredients used. I love its rawness and most importantly that the products do what they claim to do – work. I like that there is something for every guy. Some of the products are multi-purpose, there is no ‘this is a shampoo and should only be used as a shampoo’. The 10-piece range is diverse, which I think reflects the typical ‘guy’ of our time; including myself. Just because you’re a guy in a suit doesn’t mean you’re a suit, right?

TJ: Any hero products? AX: The Groom, an awesome hair
and beard oil infused with grape seed, jojoba, almond and argan oil – gives a great shine and controlled definition without looking stiff. Not to mention featuring scents of bergamot and pink pepper; it smells super fresh. The Multitasker, a 3 in 1 hair, beard and body wash; perfect for a Monday morning when you’re not quite with it – boom! Finally, aptly named, The Hero, a re-workable gel that’s a versatile liquid wax; it gives a high gloss finish with strong hold and can be re-worked all day without reapplying.

TJ: Who is your ultimate hair icon/muse? AX: I am into Motley Crue and glam rock.

TJ: What might one find on an Aiden approved playlist? AX: Anything from RnB to rock and funk!

TJ: In your opinion, who is the target SEB MAN male? AX: The SEB MAN is typically (but not strictly) the 18-35 male, he is ‘one of the guys’; a guy’s guy who takes care of himself and is happy for people to know it. He is a no-fuss, ready for action kind of guy who can transition into a sleek, James Bond at night… (if he feels like it). He is undefinable, yet driven.

TJ: Though we can’t imagine you having one… what’s your go-to tip for a bad hair day? AX: Embrace it…! No… I don’t believe in a bad hair day. You (your hair) might be a little wild on the Monday, or flat on a Tuesday – but it’s all fixable. If in doubt, style it out! An oil can cover a multitude of sins but if all else fails, come to visit me at The Men’s Grooming room in Paddington (or invest in a great hat.)

TJ: Anything you can share about the brand’s upcoming launch and campaign? AX: I can’t share too much… but the launch will be in keeping with the SEB MAN way. Naturally, there will be a hive of social and digital activity to look out for but don’t expect your average influencer campaign. We are keeping it relaxed yet relevant, informative, modest and of course inspirational; exactly how our SEB MAN rolls!