Natalie-anne-ghd-creative-artist, ghd-rise-hot-brush Natalie-anne-ghd-creative-artist, ghd-rise-hot-brush Natalie-anne-ghd-creative-artist, ghd-rise-hot-brush Natalie-anne-ghd-creative-artist, ghd-rise-hot-brush

It is a truth universally acknowledged… that a queen in possession of limp, lifeless strands must be in want of a good volumising hot brush.

Or words to the effect.

Satiating our grandest hair desires? The good hair heroes at ghd; who last month debuted their most regal offering yet. Enter the ghd rise: ghd’s first ever volumising hot brush granting instant lift, shape and body… for volume that’s well and truly fit for a queen.

The perfect kit addition (and retail staple!), this gamechanger culminates over 570,000 hours of research and development; offering 2 x more volume from root to tip*, instant fullness and ultimate styling potential… all with the simple flick of a wrist.

Don’t believe us? Just ask resident hair queen and ghd Creative Artist, Natalie Anne who was among the first to road test the brand’s latest trailblazer; curating a high volume, uber textured hair look for model-of-the-moment, Brooke Madsen.

Natalie-anne-ghd-creative-artist, ghd-rise-hot-brush

“It’s the perfect balance between a blow-drier and a brush, and I love the fact that you needn’t perform a juggling act between the two,” shares Natalie. “Most of my clients love the fact that they are able to get their left and right sides perfectly symmetrical.”

Brooke included.

On the subject of volume… the ghd rise offers maximum root lift, gliding effortlessly through lengths with its smooth, 5mm nylon bristles (expert designed for close contact). The result? Tangle free styling and unparalleled volume. What more could you want?

For out of this world volume, pair your style with ghd’s Root Lift Spray for double the lift and volume. Thanks to ghd’s signature heat protectant system, this staple creates a firm foundation for root styling, and is perfect for all hair types and textures.

“When styling with heat tools, I like to prep with ghd’s Heat Protect Spray; spraying from root to tip,” shares Natalie. “After massaging product through, apply the ghd Root Lift Spray, focusing on the crown and top sections.”

“A great tip when using the ghd rise is to ensure you begin with clean, even sections,” she adds. “This will make it super easy to glide the tool all the way through to your ends. Hold for 5-8 seconds, using the cool tip to unravel and twist outwards.”

Natalie-anne-ghd-creative-artist, ghd-rise-hot-brush

Nat’s tip for setting your freshly styled strands: “For finer-haired clients (and hair prone to dropping) I like to finish with a light mist of ghd’s Final Fix Hairspray. This ensures the hair sets correctly as it cools down.”

A versatile partner for professionals and client alike, the ghd rise harnesses the brand’s patented ultra-zone smart technology; with inbuilt sensors monitoring tool temperature (250 times per second!) and responding to the thickness of both hair and styling sections.

Maintaining an optimum styling temperature of 185°C (for reduced heat damage), the ghd rise provides smoother, longer lasting results – offering improved hair health over time, and a stunning, post-style sheen.

What’s more? The ghd rise boasts a rapid, 25 second heat up time and automatic sleep mode (following 30 minutes’ inactivity). Backed by a two-year warranty, the tool also features a universal voltage – meaning users can travel with confidence.

For healthier looking hair, ultimate styling… and all-day volume; all rise for ghd.

* vs. naturally dried hair

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