With 2019 just around the corner, Sustainable Salons are finishing the year strong with a number of pivotal industry initiatives.

Last month saw over 300 worthy recipients from across Sydney gather for the second bi-annual Eat.Shop.Chop event; with free hair cuts, food and services offered to those in need of care and assistance.

Following it’s inaugural success in April of this year, the event returned for a second chapter, bringing together creators Sustainable Salons and the Addison Project’s stake holders, including: TOGA, OzHarvest, Thread Together, My Foundations Youth Housing and Orange Sky Laundry.

Also supporting the event were Randwick City Council, Every Little Bit Helps and Eastside FM and Paul Frasca, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Salons Australia.

Of the event Paul enthused; “Eat.Shop.Chop came to life because we saw an incredible network of organisations all in one place, already working to elevate the quality of life for those doing it tough. Eat.Shop.Chop simply adds in a spirit of fun and an opportunity for guests to mingle and enjoy a true sense of positive community”.

Held across four hours, the one-day festival saw over 100 volunteers from across all organisations gayer to make an impact; with 128 haircuts being actioned at the Sustainable Salons Pop-up salon.

This round’s Pop-up salon drew a large crowd of attendees, with many flocking to the site before proceedings kicked off. Ove the day’s course, 16 hairdressing volunteers pampered guests with fresh cuts, conversation and a welcoming salon experience.

“Every time you volunteer, you uncover someone’s story and reignite their self worth,” Paul continued. “With something as simple as a haircut and a hot meal, you can create a connection that may just be a catalyst for change!”

Following a successful Eat.Shop.Chop event, this month saw Paul award Kelly Kent of Cranium Hair Manly a 100% emission free Fonzarelli Electric Scooter (valued at$5,500) as part of Sustainable Salons’ newest Rewards Shop loyalty program.

Established this year, the program allows participating salon owners and staff members to collect points through service, with a $2 Sustainable Salons fee collected from every client, each week.

Designed to thank participants for their commitment to sustainability, the program helps Sustainable Salons divert resources (used during client services) away from landfill and back into new products and sustainability products.

The program also funds meals for those in need via adjacent organisations OzHarvest (Australia) and KiwiHarvest (New Zealand).

Members can redeem their earned points through a members-only Rewards shop that features a number of sustainably minded products and services.

“We can’t wait for the day that sustainability is built into every product and service as the norm,” says Paul. “In the meantime, we believe the Rewards Shop… allows [members] to strive for higher sustainability credentials by introducing them to responsibly produced items.”

“By redeeming their points, salons can potentially save thousands of dollars on their bottom line every year, removing the hard costs associated with purchasing miscellaneous salon products. This is huge for helping to create sustainable business practices – which is what we’re all about.”

A win on all fronts.

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