L’Oréal Professional Products Division (PPD) has teamed up with YouTube star Tanya Hennessy to shed light on the risks associated with purchasing parallel product imports.

Titled #DontRiskIt, the campaign aims to raise consumer awareness around parallel product imports, their impact on the market and the potential risks associated with using unauthorised products and services.

At the heart of the crusade: a bespoke video entitled ‘An A-Z of Salon Clients’, which sees Tanya impersonate an array of different client types (from the ‘change of mind’ through to the ‘yearly diva’; we’ve all been there…), referencing the importance of buying authentic products from authorised salons and retailers.

So, what are parallel imports? For those unfamiliar with the issue, parallel importation refers to the selling of goods by unlicensed distributors for a price that is significantly less than the manufacturer’s official retail price.

Why is it a problem? Unfortunately, parallel importation is still legal in Australia, meaning legitimate salon stockists and salon owners are losing business to unauthorised (and uneducated) sellers, all of whom operate out of the grey market.

As well as compromising the intended brand experience, such products carry a number of additional risks including product expiration, product mishandling during manufacturing and/or shipping, incorrect/obsolete formulas and the potential for products to in fact be counterfeit.

Of L’Oréal PPD’s commitment to supporting authorised retailers and their salon business partners David Higgins (General Manager of L’Oréal Professional Products Division Australia & New Zealand) shared, “We are proud to be investing in, and protecting, our industry and consumers into the future.

The campaign is aimed at highlighting the importance of our experts and making consumers aware of the vast difference between having a professional salon service and diagnosis, versus selecting products based purely on price in a discount environment.”

To further support Tanya’s content, L’Oréal PPD will provide its salon partner’s with window decals and bespoke social media assets, encouraging positive conversations amongst consumers. To find out more visit:

WATCH: An A-Z of Salon Clients

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A-Z of Salon Clients – What client are you/which client do you get the most?#dontriskit and buy authenic products from authorised salons and retailers, Click here to find out why …

Posted by Tanya Hennessy on Sunday, 28 July 2019