As part of their Earth Month fundraising efforts, Aveda have teed up with local brand ambassador Elyse Knowles on a thoughtful new initiative.

The past forty years have seen Aveda raise over $60 million through their annual Earth Month campaigns; each of which has made an incredible impact on number of environmental causes.

As part of their 2019 fundraising efforts, the sustainably driven brand enlisted it’s similarly-minded brand ambassador, Elyse Knowles to design a limited edition bamboo tote – with 100% of the purchase price donated to charity partner WaterAid.

Having championed clean water initiatives for 12 years and counting, Aveda only continues to fortify its with association WaterAid, supporting the international organisation’s world leading clean water projects and initiatives.

An international not-for-profit, WaterAid provides India’s less fortunate with access to safe water, improved sanitation and better hygiene conditions – a harrowing crisis Elyse experienced first hand upon visiting India in 2018 with Aveda Australia.

“In Australia, we are very lucky to have clean running taps and flushing toilets,” shared Elyse. “We take this for granted but other countries are not so fortunate.”

“The Aveda tote bag is a wonderful way to raise funds and awareness for WaterAid. Using the bag for a trip to the market, the shopping centre or the green grocer is also an incredibly easy way to take a step towards eco-friendly living. Every little bit helps!

Designed by the blonde beauty herself, the sustainable bamboo tote features an emblematic globe in a water drop and bears the statement ‘Be the Change’; a reinforcement of Aveda and Knowles’ shared commitment to the clean water mission and positively impacting our world.

I am so excited to collaborate on this tote with Aveda,” she continued. “We share so many of the same beliefs and ideas around how to better educate others about sustainability and access to clean water.”

Aveda Australia Brand General Manager Clint Piper added, We are a business that relies on clean water to make our beautiful products and to deliver our renowned Aveda salon services, so during Earth Month we believe we have a responsibility to give back.”

A cherished member of the Aveda family, Knowles shares the brand’s values of transparency and honesty; values that have inspired fellow brands to follow suit whilst encouraging consumers to live more consciously.

“Aveda’s core brand values, and Elyses personal values align perfectly,” continued Clint. “Its not often that you find an inspirational role model who really cares about our environment like she does. As somebody who leads by example, who better than Elyse to drive our fundraising message.”

The Limited-Edition tote bag ($30) features a number of travel-sized brand staples. All proceeds will help bring clean water to the people of Andhra Pradesh in the South India region.

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