It’s always an exciting moment when industry veteran and Aveda Senior Vice President of Global Professional Artistry, Antoinette Beenders presents the world with a new look. Introducing the Pom Flower Braid.

“After creating and presenting numerous virtual technique and inspiration-based lasses, I was reliving my passion for braiding which is what inspired me to enter the industry nearly 40 years ago. I thought I would add a new spin to the technique and so braided the hair and then cut into the braid. The result was not quite what I had hoped for – the outcome did not feel dramatic enough and therefore I decided to play with some textured synthetic hair,” says Antoinette.

“I decided to make the hair bigger first and then control it with elastic … this then turned into a pom pom. Happy with my large pom poms, I took it a step further, using scissors to cut into the ball. Because of the texture of the hair, the pom started to open up just like a flower starting to bloom.”

The colour work was kept simple with a monochrome palette which reflects through the video and provides contrast for a dash of red in the lipstick … an ode to the 1990’s, as well as Antoinette’s two beloved Jack Russell’s.

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