BUSINESS: How To Succeed with Joey Scandizzo

A lot of people think it’s all Joey Scandizzo, but it’s not just me. I work with so many people – from staff to business partners to family and friends – who each play a big role in making the brand what it is. It’s a tough job, but we enjoy it …

Joey Scandizzo

Melbourne entrepreneur, Joey Scandizzo talks staff, new salon ventures and what to expect in 2018.

TJ: What might first time clients expect to find upon visiting Joey Scandizzo Salon?

JS: Clients will walk into a space that’s incredibly busy, yet organised. There’s always something to see, from the styling of creative hair, to colouring and cuts; it really is organised chaos. Clients will find a bunch of talented hairdressers who’ve done a lot of education and training to be the best they can be.

TJ: How would you describe the salon’s vibe and aesthetic?

JS: The salon is chic, clean-cut and minimalistic, with a polished finish. The vibe’s quite energetic, and high end without being intimidating. We pride ourselves on being a team of cool young hairdressers, who are friendly and unpretentious. We’re all great at what we do, but will always respect our clients above all else. We always strive to offer five-star service, and ensure we cater to everyone.

TJ: At present, how many staff members make up your team? Talk us through the salon culture and hiring process.

JS: All up, we have 32 staff members. We’ve really set an unpretentious culture, and try to continually adapt to clients, ensuring their experience is beautiful and fun. We’re not the type of salon who typically poach staff; those who approach us for work are taken through a thorough interview process and practical trial so that we may assess where they’re at. From there, staff are trained so that we can get them where they need to be.

TJ: A number of team members have gone on win notable accolades; what would you say is the secret to fostering young and up and coming talent?

JS: I think the most important thing you can do is create opportunities for your staff. As passionate and motivated as I am in my own career, it’s been equally important to create a career path for my staff; whether that leads to awards/competitions or session work and education, you need to tailor these opportunities to each individual, and know the direction each would like to go into. We need to continually work out what will stimulate our staff members, and create vehicles for them to reach their goals. In saying that, our staff need to work for these opportunities, through training, education and putting in extra time and effort.

TJ: How has Wella contributed to your business?

JS: I’ve been with Wella through my entire career, and they’ve always looked after me. Wella have supported myself and the business in a number of different ways, first of all through their products and amazing colour. Wella ensure that each of our clients are treated with quality colour, leaving the salon with premium results. With regards to shows and competition, Wella continue to support us immensely, partnering with us on a number of projects; it’s a win-win relationship for all.

TJ: What are your must-have Wella products?

JS: The whole Wella colour range is fantastic; we’ve used it for twenty-two years and have never looked elsewhere; our colourists are happy, our clients are happy – everyone’s happy! When you’re supported by your colour brand, you really can’t ask for anything more.

TJ: What can we expect to see next from yourself and the team leading into 2018?

JS: The brand (Joey Scandizzo Salon) has grown to encompass Kings Domain Barbershops, UVA Salon, and HAIR.DO by Joey Scandizzo and is only continuing to grow. We really try to cover all bases – whether it be through education, teaching and mentoring, photoshoots and awards, or fashion shows and runways – we try to create a path for every single person who joins our team.

TJ: How do you sort through prospective initiatives/potential new setups?

JS: I work with a number of different business partners on each thing we do; it’s usually a right time/right place thing. Right now, we’re partnering with Myer for the new HAIR.DO blow dry bars – it’s a really great time for this – and have done some Barbershops in Myer, Sydney. We look to partner up with key brands, and try to create opportunities for ourselves and our staff.

TJ: And finally, does Joey Scandizzo have days off?

JS: Yes, I do (laughs); I think it’s important not only for myself, but for all of my staff. It’s great to work hard, but you have to stop and take time to enjoy life. I love what I do, but I always make time to surf or snowboard, and spend time with my family and kids. Hairdressing is not a nine-to-five job; we work extremely hard, but it’s the industry we’ve chosen. You need to consciously mark out time to spend with your loved ones.

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