It’s been a tough start to the year for our beloved country, Australia. Heartbreak reverberating around the world as we watch our native wildlife and fellow humans perish.

What has been so empowering is the rise of humanity in the face of crisis – banding together as one almighty force to act in support of the communities, animals, firefighters (from around the world!) and volunteers most in need. It makes us so proud to be part of an industry that has thrown support in the form of direct donations, shampoos, conditioners and open help lines to those effected.

A big shout out to the following brands, salons and individuals:

Natalie Anne and the team at Natalie Anne Salon, who collected/facilitated the delivery of donated supplies for families on the South Coast of Australia through One Love’s South Coast relief program.

Paloma Rose Garcia and the team at Paloma Salon who are continuing to collect/facilitate the delivery of donated supplies as well as donating 100% of one days’ worth of salon profits.

Ozdare who pledged over $20,000 to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES.

Haircare Australia who donated over $30,000 to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief fund, with evo donating a further $5,000 to the Australian Red Cross and WWF Australia – as well as a $1 for every online sale made via their website over January and February.

L’Oreal Australia who donated $100,000 to help support recovery missions, as well as products for affected individuals in need of personal items.

Revlon Professional (alongside Elizabeth Arden and Revlon Australia and New Zealand) who donated $100,000 to the Australian Red Cross’s Disaster Relief and Recovery funds.

ghd Australia and New Zealand who donated $30,000 across the Australian Red Cross and WIRES, in support of their bush fire relief efforts.

Coty Australia and Wella Professionals who made a private donation to the NSWRFS, Australian Red Cross and WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

Estee Lauder and Aveda who donated $200,000 to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund.

O&M who have helped raise close to $12,000 and counting for the Victorian Bushfire Foundation.

K-SETBAG who donated a week’s worth of sales profits to the Australian Red Cross.

Biba Salons who raised close to $6,000 for bushfire relief, and will be facilitating a second fundraiser to continue these efforts.

Academie Salon who will donate 10% of their entire January service sales to the Australian Rural Fire Service and WIRES.

Rubi Hair who have donated over $11,000 (from a full day of service) for the Australian Red Cross’s Bushfire Disaster Relief efforts.

Royals Hair who will be matching every $1 raised for the month of January, and donating to the WIRES and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Salon Kiin who will be donating 100% of profits (from a full day of service) to NSWRFS and WIRES.

Edwards And Co. who donated 10% of all in-salon and online sales (for a week) to NSWRFS – with Jaye Haircare donating 50% of all sales for the week to NSWRFS.

Joey Scandizzo Salon who offered blowdries and styling for this year’s Portsea Polo event, with 100% of the day’s proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross.

A – H Salon who shared an exclusive EDM calling for funds to be raised for the NSWRFS, over the course of December and January.

Salon Jaimme Lee who donated 100% of a day’s worth of in-salon sales and services to NSWRFS and WIRES to support communities and volunteers affected by the bushfires.

Dany Pato and the team at D&M Hair Design (New Zealand) who donated 100% of profits (totalling $8,064) from a day’s worth of in-salon sales and services to the NSWRFS, Australian Red Cross, VIC Country Fire Authority, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

So generous. And while this help is crucial and must continue, we wonder … what if we poured equal passion and profit into what is, according to more and more, the crux of the crisis, Climate Change. Do some research, the statistics are strong and our forecasted future (should things continue the way they are), dire. Australia would transform from the world’s biggest exporter of fruit, vegetables etc, to the biggest importer, natural disasters are earmarked to rise (along with disease) and … so on and so forth. But there’s some good news!

Environmentalists suggest we have 10 years to clean up our act and avoid crucial tipping points. How do we know? We attended Paloma Rose Garcia’s recent climate seminar held in her Paddington, Sydney salon, PALOMA.

“It really struck home for me when I attended the Climate Change Conference in Heron Island (held by the Climate Council). I was very lucky to be amongst influential people such as Simon Baker, Phoebe Tonkin and Heidi Middleton, and at one point they all turned to me and said, ‘you’re actually the most influential person in this room,’” said Paloma.

“For example, with 18 staff and 250 clients in-salon per week, hairdressers should never underestimate their influence – never take for granted the amount of people you come in contact with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. A lot of people feel helpless when it comes to climate change, and if you’re knowledgeable on the topic, this is your first chance to make a difference.”

According to Paloma there are several small changes (with some taking just 5 minutes) that we should all consider, today. As the old adage goes, many hands make light work.

Here’s a little list to get you going.

Renewable Energy:

POWERSHOP + DIAMOND are your best suppliers as neutral energy suppliers. If you are unable to install solar panels in your home or business these companies are for you! (Australia’s greenest energy power company)

Install Solar Panels 

And adjoining battery to store power, to your workplace and home if possible.


Walk whenever possible. Or jump on a Lime Bike!

Offset carbon on any flights.

Condense your business and personal travels.

Consolidate your calendar and minimize jet fuel emissions.

Invest into an electric car ASAP.



Outlander Phev. Avail Now.


Hyundai Kona. Avail Now. ($60K)

Hyundai Ioniq Electric ($45K)


Tesla Model S ($125K-$195K) Avail now

Tesla Model X ($125K) Avail now.

Tesla Model 3 ($65K) Avail now.

Bank wisely.

Investigate the practices of your banking institution, super and insurance provider via It is one of the most powerful changes you can make. And to make the transition even easier brokers can assist with the whole process!


Reduce your animal intake. Methane is responsible for 15% of global warming.

LOVE your steak? Eat grass fed wherever possible. This assists agriculturally by improving soil to reduce methane. A positive little loophole.


ACT consciously. Every little bit counts. For example, what is your favourite designer doing to combat landfill?

Social Power

People-powered social movements have been the basis of all significant social change throughout history.

  • Join a climate change group or set one up with your own network. share content from The Climate Council on social media
  • Talk to one new person every day about climate change and why it matters to you

Political Power

All the technical solutions are in place to solve the climate crisis, now we need political leaders with the courage to step up and implement solutions. But politicians only aim as high as their constituents demands.

  • Email your Council/Mayor to ask if they are a member of the Climate Council’s “City Power Partnership” so they can join with other councils, share knowledge and expertise, and be a stronger force for change
  • Write a letter to your local State and Federal Member of Parliament to let them know climate change will influence who you vote for

Images via instagram/australianbushfires