Prepare to be dazzled as HOB Salons, the powerhouse of hairstyling, marks its remarkable 40-year journey with a star-studded event. From a humble beginning in 1983, HOB has become an unrivaled brand in the world of hairdressing, captivating hearts and tresses alike.

The illustrious anniversary celebration took place at the trendy NOBU Hotel in the heart of London, setting the stage for a night of reminiscing, recognition, and revelry. With directors Akin Konizi, Clive Collins, and Paul Simbler at the helm, the event kicked off with a heartfelt speech that underscored the unwavering vision that has propelled HOB to unparalleled success.

“Four decades have passed, and while the world has changed in countless ways, our vision remains steadfast,” shared Paul Simbler. “We have always strived to nurture excellence, integrity, and the personal growth of our team, while providing opportunities for everyone to shine.”

Clive added a touch of nostalgia, recalling the year of HOB’s inception. “In 1983, when we launched Hair on Broadway, David Bowie was topping the charts with ‘Let’s Dance,’ Margaret Thatcher made history as the first female Prime Minister, and a can of Coke cost a mere 14p.”

The event was also a moment to honor the remarkable loyalty and dedication of long-serving employees, many of whom have been with HOB for over two decades. Akin expressed his gratitude, saying, “The number of people who have shared this incredible journey with us is awe-inspiring. And most of them continue to be an integral part of our lives. We may not be finished yet, but we are confident that a new generation of Akin, Clive, and Pauls will carry the torch forward.”

General Manager Natasha Grossman shared her personal perspective on the legacy of HOB, saying, “HOB was born in 1983, and I came into this world in 1985. Throughout my life, I witnessed my father, Clive, dedicate himself to HOB, working tirelessly seven days a week. Akin and Paul shared the same unwavering commitment. As I grew older, I realized that success requires sacrifice, determination, and a steadfast vision. Building a legendary presence in the hairdressing industry is no easy feat—it demands unwavering dedication.”

The celebration also showcased the award-winning Creative Team, led by the visionary Akin. They unveiled breathtaking styles that left attendees in awe. From soft, feminine curls to precise and timeless bobs, each look exuded the “wow” factor that HOB is renowned for. “Our mission is simple: never let a client go unnoticed; always create the ‘wow’ effect,” emphasized Akin.

As HOB Salons commemorates 40 years of excellence and innovation, they continue to shape the future of hairstyling, making every client feel like a true superstar. Here’s to four decades of transformative beauty and countless more to come from this iconic brand.

Step inside their legendary 40th anniversary soiree, here.