Tech: Headhunter Recruitment Reveal Exciting New Makeover

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Over the past three years, HeadHunter Recruitment has grown into a trusted platform and resource for all hairdressing and beauty businesses to advertise job vacancies and allow for business owners to be connected with the right candidates. In 2023, exciting changes and growth opportunities are coming, with HeadHunter now moving to a new and immersive platform. 

What does this mean for users and businesses? A service more streamlined than ever, boasting an interactive job advertisement and candidate job searching process and platform. 

Through the combined use of performance-based advertising, AI recruitment and job boards, job ads will be now targeted towards a larger yet more precise audience by taking a wide number of factors into account, including user location, demographics, behaviour and online activity.

So what does this change mean for HeadHunter job advertisers? Thanks to the new advances in technology that have been invested in using artificial intelligence, recruiters will now be able to access more exposure and advertising in front of the right high-quality candidates. As a result of making the move to programmatic advertising or AI recruitment globally through HeadHunter, recruiters are now able to transform their job ads beyond the job board and in front of the eyes of active and passive candidates looking for roles online. 

Additionally, recruiters will have increased and consistent job board ad presence, as well as a more organic redistribution to increase the number of eyes and clicks on the posting, reaching a wider and more diverse audience, at a reduced cost. 

Additional exciting and interactive improvements in the new HeadHunter recruitment service will include job search results and details on the one screen, advanced filters, job matching functionalities  via the ‘jobs you may like’ section and much more! Plus, pricing will be streamlined and competitive, especially for AHC and ABIC members, who receive $100 off every job ad.

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