While we can’t all be Guido, there’s no rule against dreaming.


Last season Tomo Koizumi all but broke the internet with his ostentatious freshman offering, captivating show-goers as part of NYC’s anticipated Fall/Winter ’19 roster. A spell of ruffled organza in a spectrum of saccharine hues, the star-studded show marked a fairytale debut for the talented newcomer, setting the stage for (even more) theatricality to inevitably transpire.

For his next act: Koizumi showcased his Spring/Summer wears inside Marc Jacobs’ iconic Madison Avenue flagship, draping muse and model Ariel Nicholson in a lineup of aptly grandiose, structure-defying creations… each of which exquisitely encapsulated the designer’s ambitious creative vision and penchant for theatrics. And beautifully so.

Though it wasn’t just the garments that had the it-crowd buzzing.

Returning once again as Koizumi’s hair-partner in crime, Hair Director extraordinaire and Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau fashioned his most extreme look yet: a soaring, cone-shaped structure bathed in ample lashings of hairspray and glitter at the temples (the latter of which came care of long-time collaborator and makeup queen Pat McGrath).

“It’s a highly conceptualised presentation, and I’ve done the hair to match,” shared Guido of the statement-making look. “I’ve created incredibly high hair in a cone shape using the Redken Triple Pure 32 Hairspray; the great thing about this hairspray is that it has a neutral fragrance, so it doesn’t overpower when you’re backstage or if you have a picky client.”

On his decision to create a highly structured hair look, Guido continued, “I knew for this presentation, the look had to be something really extreme – either height, or length, and I went for height.” His hero product to achieve the desired finish? “I’ve used one of my backstage favourites, Redken Guts 10, for volume and added hold.”

While we can’t all be Guido, there’s no rule against dreaming. So, to help you make those seemingly impossible dreams a glistening reality, we’ve debunked the epic look-that-was in five (relatively simple) steps. Disclaimer: this one’s not for the faint of heart… or head.

STEP ONE: To create your base, secure a foam cone shape (or bun, if you’re game) at the centre of the head before layering in sprays of Redken Guts 10 through the lengths and ends, teasing hair to create added volume and texture.

STEP TWO: Using a bristle brush, begin layering hair upwards onto the cone shape in sections, spraying heavy amounts of Redken Triple Pure 32 Hairspray as you go to to ensure the style is locked in.

STEP THREE: Once all sections of the hair have been secured into the cone formation, spray a heavy layer of Redken Triple Pure 32 Hairspray all over the hair surface.

STEP FOUR: Allow the hair to set and dry for a few minutes. (Time for a quick drink?)

STEP FIVE: Complete the look with yet another heavy spray… this time using Redken Shine Flash 02 all over to create a glossy, shellacked shine. Finish with a slick of glitter eye-shadow (and your favourite Kira Kira filter) and you’re good to go.

Et voila.

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