Whether you’re channeling off duty chic – or looking to master the perfect coil once and for all – HOB Academy’s Jake Unger and Warren Boodaghian take you through their tips and tricks for achieving your ultimate dream curls.

1. Begin by working on your interior shape. Start at the nape and work each subsequent panel with a short-to-long cutting angle to create a shorter area internally, while keeping some length on the exterior.

2. Create a new longer guide and move on to the top section, cut a square centre profile to use as a guide to create squareness within the flattest part of the top of the head. Use the corners of your box to proceed cutting the top sides with a round cutting line to reduce weight.

3. Follow by using your guide from the top side sections to start working on a concave layer that, while reducing internal weight, will also keep the external shape long and full.

4. Finally, once the entire internal shape has been created, work on the exterior lengths, with texturising techniques such as point cutting, chipping and slicing.

5. Cut the fringe area with enough elevation to create some texture, while keeping a strong curved structure on the line.

6. Prep the hair with mousse and a conditioning agent to achieve volume through the root area and a natural structure through the rest of the hair.

7. Diffuse-dry hair from the ends to the roots, allowing for the natural fall and putting the head upside down for maximum volume.

8. To finish, tong random sections to enhance some of the texture and create harmony throughout the shape and lengths.

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