In the world of beauty and style, Hailey Bieber continues to reign supreme as the ultimate it girl and style icon. Her latest beauty revelation? The scrumptious strawberry glaze makeup trend that has dominated FYPs and news feeds for the past few weeks. But enough about adopting a strawberry-kissed look in your makeup. Have you ever considered translating this trend to your haircare?

Gone are the days of glazed donuts and latte brunettes; it’s all about embracing the sweet hues of strawberry these days – be it your from nails, lips, cheeks and now hair. Hailey, known for her signature brunette locks, has transitioned into a captivating strawberry blonde sensation, blending hues of cinnamon, caramel, red, and copper effortlessly.

What’s remarkable about this transformation is its subtlety. Hailey’s strawberry cinnamon hair incorporates subtle lighter mid-lights, instantly revitalizing and refreshing her locks. This look seamlessly complements her recent strawberry-inspired makeup choices, solidifying her status as a style trendsetter.

For those seeking a change without going all-in on a full-colour overhaul, the strawberry cinnamon trend offers a light, bright alternative that can be easily achieved at home. Join Hailey Bieber in embracing this delectable trend and elevate your beauty game this season. Here are our top picks for achieving that strawberry glaze look at home.

Refresh, revive and rejuvenate hair in an instant with this multi-tasking mask. As well as hydrating hair this mask deposits a generous amount of colour, leaving your hair a cool, cute copper shade. The lighter the hair the brighter the copper. 
This zero-damage, colour-depositing mask is perfect for a temporary change of hair colour, for use as an at-home treatment weekly to easily add a blast of Vibrant Pink to pre-lightened hair and transform your look in just 10 minutes.
The perfect addition to any haircare routine, Wella’s Invigo Color Recharge Warm Red Conditioner promises to refresh and maintain the multi-dimensional colour of red tones with subtle colour pigments, leaving hair intensively conditioned.