goldwell-colour-of-the-year goldwell-colour-of-the-year

Renowned salon-professional hair color brand, Goldwell, is once again pushing the boundaries of hair fashion with the launch of their highly anticipated Colour of the Year for 2024: MIDNIGHT BERRY. Collaborating with global trend agencies and colour experts, Goldwell introduces this luscious shade, a captivating blend of highly saturated purple and the deepest of blues that work together to embody richness and complexity.

Goldwell’s Colour of the Year initiative aims to inspire both stylists and clients, setting trends that shape the beauty industry. MIDNIGHT BERRY serves as a testament to Goldwell’s commitment to innovation, transforming hair into a true work of art.

Jane Boddy, Global Colour Expert at Goldwell, shares the inspiration behind MIDNIGHT BERRY, stating, “Drawing inspiration from the enchanting, jewel-tone colors found in nature, MIDNIGHT BERRY captures the essence of elegance, allure, and a growing desire for glamour. “The shade’s deep, multidimensional hue, with an inner core of darkness and a rebellious spirit, evokes mystery and sophistication.

Infused with blue undertones and hints of ultraviolet, MIDNIGHT BERRY spotlights the rise of tinted blacks, showcasing a new dimension in hair color inspired by the mystery of the midnight sky. Angelo Seminara, Goldwell Global Ambassador, describes MIDNIGHT BERRY as a shade that embodies the spirit of the modern woman – confident, daring, and unapologetically unique. “Hair colour should be a reflection of one’s individuality, and MIDNIGHT BERRY offers endless possibilities for self-expression. It’s a shade that truly stands out in a crowd,” Seminara explains.

The formula, featuring Goldwell Elumen, offers endless possibilities for self-expression, making it a standout choice for those seeking a truly individual look in 2024.