Global.Synergy Announces Finalists

It is with great pleasure that Emiliano Vitale, in association with é SALON, the AHC and Youthworx announces the Global.Synergy four State Finalists, one of which will go on to win the ultimate hairdressing experience – assisting the internationally acclaimed é SALON Creative Team at the Alternative Hair Show in London on Sunday 13th October 2013.


“It was so fantastic to see the sheer passion and obvious love for what they do in all the finalists’ video entries,” says Emiliano. “To have the ability to dream and the courage to put that on show and share it with us was so inspiring and a reminder that our next generation of hairdresser knows there’s so many more opportunities out there other than just working in the salon!” Beau, Missy, Nikki & Nadia will be flown to Sydney on Saturday 14th September, to be mentored by Emiliano, Sandy Chong, Leesa Smith and Matt Clements and a selection of Youthworx stars, including Lisa Muscat, Maria Unali, Jordan Hone, Theo Sotiriou & Sam Overton, on Sunday 15th September.

Finalists will be observed by the judges over the weekend and the winner will be announced on Monday 16th September in Sydney at an AHC Youthworx show. “To the judges – Sandy, Leesa, Claire, David, Hayley Lauren, Linda & Theo – I want to express my gratitude for joining me on this little dream of mine. I feel honored to have them all on board with Global.Synergy and for trusting me on this project. I didn’t realize the true gift that this project could become. I cannot begin to explain with words,” says Emiliano