ghd and RUBY showcase 70s inspired glam for Tonight, Tonight show



This year at New Zealand Fashion Week ghd guest artists Sara Allsop and Michael Beel created a beautiful 70s inspired hair look perfectly complimenting the presentation of RUBY’s Tonight, Tonight collection.

Inspired by a ballerina dancer, the effortless look mimics the waves of an undone bun using ghd’s best ever styler, the new ghd platinumTM.

RUBY designer, Deanna Didovich explains the inspiration behind the hair look, “For our New Zealand Fashion Week show this year, I wanted the hair look to resemble that of a dancer post-practice, like she has just let out her bun, and tousled her hair back to its natural state. The fringe detail is something that is quite nostalgic to me, and very Jane-Birkin-esque.”

Sara Allsop and Michael Beel, ghd guest artists add, “This natural and timeless look was created using the latest and greatest ghd tool, ghd platinum®. With a slight wave in the hair and a full fringe, it really is the perfect relaxed ballerina look.”

How to get the ghd RUBY look yourself:

  1. Spray towel dried hair with ghd root lift spray (at roots) and ghd heat protect spray through mid-lengths and ends
  2. Create a centre parting using a ghd tail comb and, if applicable, pull fringe forward
  3. Blow dry hair using ghd air® professional hairdryer and a ghd natural bristle radial brush
  4. Once hair is completely dry, spritz mid-lengths and ends with ghd curl hold spray
  5. Divide hair into 6 small sections and braid each section
  6. Using ghd platinum®, slowly apply heat all over each braid from top to bottom
  7. Once cool, undo the braids and shake them out
  8. Finally loosen curls with a ghd oval dressing brush and finish with a spray of ghd final fix hairspray

– TJ