Products like Ashley and Martin are oily and just don’t work for modern men. We’re wash and wear, twice-weekly shampoo loaders who need more from a hair loss product than oil, weight and dated tell-all packaging

Jules Tognini, Co-Founder joebloe

Hair loss. It’s real, it’s out there and men and women alike are petrified of it. Yet the conversation, for some reason or another, remains somewhat taboo, cast in the darkness of the grooming cabinet – pushed way back in the corner drawing as little attention possible. For young men especially, thinning and/or balding is almost akin to realizing a life threatening disease. The laid back, salty dog image they’ve carefully crafted over the years dissipating with every strand. ‘Who me? I just jump out of the surf and look like this’ … not for much longer, guy.

Enter joebloe. The young, cool-kid on the hair loss block. He’s all black and understanding of a young man’s quest to hang on for dear life. He brings a fresh approach, aesthetic (she’ll never know) and team to the table and is successfully helping Aussie guys get a head start on falling follicles.

None other than the Tognini brothers are behind the brand, these two plus a guy by the name of Trav White – together making a change.

“Most hair loss products on the market feel clinical and with a female focus, and that just didn’t resonate with me,” said Jules of his own hair (loss) journey.

“Products like Ashley and Martin are oily and just don’t work for modern men. We’re wash and wear, twice-weekly shampoo loaders who need more from a hair loss product than oil, weight and dated tell-all packaging,” said Jules.

joebloe speaks to guys between 18 – 30 years old who are starting to make money, set up their lives and salute their style. They give AF about what they look like … in fact you’ll find them catching their reflection more than most.

“We’re on a quest to remove the stigma of hair loss through conversation, education and a considered, stylish product offering,” says Jules.

“About three years ago we decided to explore this project and approached the same compounding chemist as Ashley and Martin, evolving and enhancing the formula so it’s the perfect density (doesn’t run off the head), smells fresh and looks great, like our guys.”

Jules put his hand up to play guinea pig, and if you caught him at Hair Expo, you’ll see it’s working a treat.

“The important thing we’re doing is we’re educating guys (and ideally salons) to get onto hair loss, before it’s … lost. Once you’re gone, you’re gone. So our advice to guys is, if you’re starting to freak out, get onto it now!”

joebloe is all about working with men, their typical routines and importantly, from the inside-out. Because you are what you eat. In addition to the more traditional, topical treatment (Gone Toppo) – massaged into the scalp’s troubling areas – joebloe loads guys up with some ‘little pals’ or multi-vitamins that essentially act as DHT blockers. Because that hormone is not welcome here. joebloe’s Gone Toppo supports blood flow for follicles that flourish and directly nourishes the scalp with nutrients as it absorbs.

It’s simple, good lookin’ and ready to seamlessly slot into a blokes’ lifestyle with a three-month subscription set-up designed for salons to benefit, too.

“joebloe provides a subscription service which will see products delivered to the customer every three months. joebloe’s course of tablets and topical solution fits easily into a daily routine, making it simple to provide hair follicles with the nutrients required to sustain hair growth,” says Kristian.

“In three months, with consistent use, guys will notice less hair on their pillow. In six months they’ll notice even less and may even notice a few new hairs sneaking through. In nine months, men can definitely expect to notice new hair growth and by the time they hit 12 months … well they’re the golden days!”

So how can salons get involved? By instigating the conversation with clients for a start – make them feel comfortable about the sensitive topic, “it’s super common and we have the perfect solution!” For example.

“For salons interested in aligning their product offering with joebloe, we make it easy and profit-driven. Rather than salons having to re-stock product, because this system is subscription based, once the salon has signed the client up to his first course we take over the subscription – managing the education and ongoing product shipment,” says Jules.

“The best part is that the salon continues to cash in on 10% – 20% of the sale(s) –making the earnings on one purchase unlimited.” This removes the dreaded sales conversation from the stylist. Clever.

And of course, with Hair Expo 2018 Educator of the Year at the helm, education sits right at the brand’s core.

“We’re working on a whole range of digital education covering tips, tricks, product knowledge and more in-depth 20-minute videos on the ultimate joebloe routine,” says Jules.

These are strategically emailed to joebloe users on an ongoing basis, essentially checking-in on their progress, questions and concerns, and importantly keeping the conversation active and culture shredding.

Get to know joebloe here.