As an industry, we are well aware of our impact on the environment and are constantly looking for ways in which to lessen our collective footprint.

With many an incredible initiative and partnership working to make a difference, one of the most pressing concerns within hair and beauty is reducing levels of virgin plastics created to carry our products. Whilst difficult to eradicate packaging of products entirely, many brands are actively working hard to reduce waste produced and work toward a cleaner future.

Here, we explore some of the ways in which brands are reducing their plastic.

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1. Aveda

With 85% of their skin care and hair styling PET bottles and jars containing 100% post consumer recycled materials, Aveda are no strangers to an environmental initiative. 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material as much as we can and when this cannot be used, PCR is combined with bioplastic to create packaging that is as sustainable as possible. The bioplastic used is a biopolyethylene derived from sugarcane which is quickly renewable and therefore a sustainable resource.

Their limited edition shampure shampoo bar, however, contains zero plastic packaging with the carton comprising of 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.

Click here to learn more about Aveda’s environmental initiatives.


2. Davines Group

Davines Group are proud to package their product range in bio-based polyethylene, a plastic derived from sugar cane that is perfectly recyclable. Using bio-based PE allows Davines to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment, and therefore provide a positive impact against global warming. It can easily replace the raw materials from fossil fuel, and it has a lower carbon footprint thanks to the cultivation of sugar cane. The cultivation of sugarcane, while managed properly, can absorb significant concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2), an interesting point of view from an environmental point of view because it can partly compensate the CO2 emitted in further steps of plastic production, making the total process more sustainable.

For more information on Davines Group’s pledge toward responsible packaging, click here.


3. kms CONSCIOUS STYLE Collection

Ever the cool kids on the block, kms are focusing their efforts on eradicationg the compromise that often comes with being eco-friendly but creating consistently fabulous hair. The range incorporates streamlined formulations composed of pure, simple and mostly sustainable ingredients carefully chosen to live up to your hair styling expectations; up to 98% are naturally derived and up to 97% are biodegradable. 

Learn more about the CONSCIOUS STYLE Collection here.


4. Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin’s newly packaged salon hair care products are proudly plastic neutral, meaning that you can be confident that you’re taking steps towards helping the planet with environmentally friendly packaging.

Additionally, Christophe Robin has partnered with rePurpose Global: the world’s first plastic credit platform dedicated to reducing waste.

What does this mean? For every product sold, a percentage is donated towards collecting and recycling the equivalent amount of plastic waste used in its packaging and operations to achieve a certified Net Zero Plastic Footprint.

Learn more about the Christophe Robin range here.


5. Ethique Shampoo Bars

Introducing the 100% plastic-free beauty and lifestyle label Ethique. Having so far saved over 20 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfill through their solid beauty products, Ethique invite you to #giveupthebottle with their range – all made from sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients.

For more information on Ethique Shampoo Bars, visit their website here and learn more about their 100% plastic free pledge.