From runways to editorial pages, celebrity trends to street style – there are a multitude of ways in which our clients can source inspiration for their next look. 

In the midst of their whirlwind tenure as FAME Team, 2023’s talented troupe – Karlie Roberts, Claudia Cataldo, Georgina Bools and Sheridan Rose Shaw – utilize the game-changing Dyson hair tool arsenal to create a series of looks that are sure to come rushing in request-wise this upcoming season.


From mullets to 90’s inspired looks, here’s how you can make your clients dreams come true – with ease – in the warmer months. 

Your styling hacks (thanks to the incredible Dyson toolkit) are waiting for you, here >


Look 1 | Beautiful, Bouncy, Hydrated Curls

  1. Detangle with the Dyson™ Wide Tooth Comb
  2. Mix DAVROE CURLiCUE Curl Balm with DAVROE CURLiCUE Hydrating Hair Oil.
  3. Work into hands and begin massaging curls with product mix.
  4. Use your fingers to gently twist the curls, guiding them back to their original pattern.
  5. Move all around the head until all curls have been moisturised, repeating the same steps.
  6. Build volume in the front, using your clips to secure the curls.
  7. Using low heat and low air, begin drying with Dyson™ Supersonic with Diffuser attachment before moving to the Dyson™ Corrale on medium heat. Pick up the curls in Diffuser to ensure that you don’t disturb the curl pattern.
  8. Once dry, gently seperate the curls using your hands. Continue doing this around the head, getting your hands in at the scalp and shaking out.

Look 2 | Shiny, Glossy, Effortless Finish

  1. Dampen down the hair with water
  2. Section the hair in front of the ear
  3. Using DAVROE Thermoprotect, apply evenly to each section. Using the Dyson™ Airwrap and Round Volumising Brush, take small sections starting at the nape of the neck and working slowly through the section to create a bevelled curl.
  4. Continue on to the next section, repeating the same steps, and work your way around the head.
  5. As you move to the higher sections, stretch the wave for a looser finish.
  6. Then, using the Dyson™ Corrale on medium heat, polish the crown sections and curling the ends under.
  7. Continue using the Dyson™ Corrale to create S-Bends around the face. Brush out the S-Bend with the Dyson™ Wide Tooth Comb.
  8. To finish off this sleek, chic look, add DAVROE Brilliant Shine Mist to the hair for a shiny and effortless finish.


LOOK 3 | Beautiful, Gritty, Textured Waves

  1. Start with a fine section at the nape of the neck. Taking smaller sections and using a brickwork section pattern, apply Jadore tape extensions to clean and dry hair.
  2. Brick by brick, work your way along the section, placing and securing your extensions.
  3. Once you have completed, make your way up the head and continue securing Jadore tape extensions until you have reached your desired length and weight.
  4. Trim the hair to the desired length in preparation for styling.
  5. Use DAVROE Thermoprotect to prep the hair for heat styling and start using the Dyson™ Corrale on 165°C, alternating curls in small workable sections.
  6. Work your way around the head. Visually take smaller sections at the top of the head to create additional texture.
  7. To finish the waves, use DAVROE Revive Dry Shampoo. Lift the curls whilst spraying to create volume and texture.
  8. To finish style the curls using the Dyson™ Detangling Comb, leaving you with beautiful and gritty textured waves.

LOOK 4 | Healthy, Smooth, Glossy Waves

  1. Use DAVROE Tame Detangler to prep and detangle the hair. Add water for additional moisture.
  2. Grab DAVROE Smoothing Balm and rake the product through using your hands.
  3. Detangle using the Dyson™ Paddle Brush.
  4. Start drying the hair on medium heat with the Dyson™ Supersonic and Wide Tooth Comb attachment.
  5. Section the hair. Using the Dyson™ Airwrap and 40mm Airwrap long barrel, work your way around the head in small sections, finishing with a cool shot to set the curl.
  6. Continue working to the front. Take a horizontal section for the fringe, and pin the curl to allow it to set.
  7. To finish use DAVROE Shine Fluid, lightly raking through the curls for healthy, smooth and glossy waves.