Disneyland for beauty lovers, MECCALAND brings makeup fiends from far and wide for a three-day festival of glam.

A whirlwind weekend full of glitter, glamour and grammable content, MECCALAND made it’s triumphant return in 2019, with over 15,000 beauty lovers flocking to the three-day festival of glam.

Inside Eveleigh’s unassuming railway workshop, MECCALAND returned for 2019, surpassing the inaugural cosmetic carnival held in Melbourne last year – in celebration of the beauty chain’s 20th anniversary.

Ushered through a neon tunnel of lights by pom-pom waving cheerleaders, the beauty hungry descended upon varied ‘beauty worlds’, housing over 40 of the cult beauty brands stocked by the retailer.

Phones at the ready, guests emerged from a glittering pink curtain and swarmed the stands to snatch up limited edition products and faithful favourites from brands including Dunk Elephant, Tatcha, Nars and YSL; each brand represented in their own insta-worthy stands.

Flashes exploded from every direction as selfies were snapped – atop a mirrored throne, descending a slick of nail polish and in rotation on the custom MECCA Ferris wheel.

Not just an extravagant photo op, the event’s 5 sessions also gave consumers the opportunity to meet some of their beauty heroes; Brand Ambassadors, Directors of Artistry and Founders from the beauty houses all available for meet and greets – some lucky attendees even able to snuggle up to Supermodel and Bare Minerals Ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The weekend delved into a beauty haven beyond the often superficially-driven billion dollar industry, with an area of the festival titled the ‘Temple of You’: featuring a pyramid of self-care mantras scrawled across it’s enclosure.

The aptly named ‘Temple of You’ saw teens conquer the pyramid and stand in defiance with “Dream to Beam,” and, “Too Glam to Give a Damn” emblazoned beneath them; a welcome sight to behold in this social media age.

Amidst the frenzy; attentive audiences gathered to hear from makeup moguls and masters of their field, each of whom offered up wisdom on the Mainstage across the weekend.

With enraptured audiences spilling out from the designated viewing zone, it was clear to see the desire for an inspirational and aspirational take home. Joining a captivated audience that gathered at Friday’s opening night session, we heard from industry darlings  Zoë Foster Blake, Eleanor Pendelton, Elle Ferguson, Michelle Battersby and Mecca Founder Joe Horgan.

The power panel spoke candidly about their individual journeys to beauty boss-dome, Elle Effect Founder, Elle Ferguson sharing her experience of shifting her influence into a more tangible marketplace, and the challenges she faced getting her business off the ground.

The beauty fever dream of MECCA Founder and CEO Jo Horgan and Creative Director Marita Burke #MECCALAND made the consumer queen, showcasing the best of the beauty industry in what can only be equated to as the Coachella of the Beauty industry.