Sultans of the sustainable milestone, Aveda are celebrating another major goal acquisition in 2021 – 100% vegan certification.

Lovers of earth, animals and a lush dinner affair, Aveda welcomed industry luminaries, key media and beauty influencers to breathe, dine and celebrate another impressive achievement in becoming 100% vegan – now and forever.

Hosted at Sydney’s Alibi (vegan restaurant, of course), guests enjoyed a plant- based menu proving animal by products are not needed for a memorable dining experience. Think mango cheesecake singing with the summer fruit and lashings of coconut and pomegranate … a clever list of ingredients reflective of the Aveda Nutriplenish range and further igniting beauty from the inside-out.

Aveda was one of the first to pioneer clean and conscious products and procedures – a journey that commenced in 1978 and initiated a world first claim with the use of 100% PCR packaging and manufacturing with 100% wind power. A story guests were first welcomed to explore via artful easels placed around the room.

Of course, it’s not an Aveda event without a starting wellness ritual. Led by Aveda General Manager, Australia, Clint Piper, attendees breathed the brand’s signature composition oils, stretched and connected to the people and place defining their ‘present.’

From here, a relaxing evening in honour of one of the industry’s true change makers … and  what might just be next for Aveda.

Bravo Aveda.

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