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Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions, the esteemed group of luxury hair salons renowned for their exceptional hair and extension services, hosted their Annual Gala weekend event on the 25th and 26th of June. The entire staff was flown to a luxurious resort in Kingcliffe, Northern NSW for a dynamic weekend of education, celebration, and glamour.

The event commenced with the Leadership Showcase at their Gold Coast salon location, covering a comprehensive range of topics, including consultation, quoting, coloring, extension application, cutting, and styling. The six selected leading stylists demonstrated their proven techniques, creating an ideal environment for team bonding, addressing questions, discussing solutions, refining applications, and igniting a fire within the staff. The showcase inspired them to surpass their own limits and strive for new heights of excellence.

The highlight of the evening was the highly anticipated Awards Presentation. All attendees arrived in stunning attire, adhering to the Hollywood Glamour Masquerade theme. The night featured a sumptuous three-course dinner, champagne, and reflections on the past year, highlighting milestones, successes, and the company’s growth. The event culminated with the announcement of the annual award winners, including Ty Edmanson (Brisbane) as Apprentice of the Year, Lucy Spicer (Sydney) as Stylist of the Year, Jennifer Jackson (Sydney) as Extensionist of the Year, Sydney as Salon of the Year, and Cassidy Guest (National Operations Manager) as Ambassador of the Year. The award criteria were thoughtfully designed to recognize individual achievements, with prizes ranging from $1000 to $5000.

Vanessa Bellden, CEO, expressed, “Cultivating opportunities that cater to all hairdressing career goals ensures our staff feel supported and increases loyalty to our company. I firmly believe in the principle that ‘a good manager should out-manage themselves,’ which can only be achieved through collaboration, involvement, and a solutions-driven approach. The shortage of staff in our industry has had a significant impact on salons. Therefore, as managers and business owners, we must continuously generate innovative ideas to secure our ongoing success.”

The following Monday began with a nutritious breakfast and a refreshing beach walk, invigorating the participants for a full day with guest speaker Ryan Tuckwood, the SWISH Founder. Over the past 12 months, Ryan has closely collaborated with the EH Group, providing personalized and comprehensive mentorship sessions to coach and inspire the teams’ personal and professional development.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and influence, the teams departed from our luxurious retreat, returning home with a renewed sense of motivation, empowerment, and determination to achieve the goals set for the upcoming year.

Emilly Hadrill (Director/Owner) and Vanessa Bellden (CEO) initially conceived the Annual Gala weekend extravaganza as a mid-year Christmas party for all staff members. Since the busy holiday season occupies all columns, it was an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a week with family and friends while the salons are closed. The duo’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and celebrating the accomplishments of their exceptional team will undoubtedly continue to establish new benchmarks of excellence.

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