EDUCATION: Sharon Blain launches THE CRAFT

I love brands with purpose, that stand for something other than their core product offering. Pureology’s Beauty with Meaning campaign ties so much of that together.

Chief Marketing Officer at health and wellness app, Keep It Cleaner, Michelle Battersby.

Australian industry icon, Sharon Blain launches new global education program, THE CRAFT.

Created to combat the hairdressing industry’s top four challenges (a drop in apprenticeships and teachers/training organisations taking sole responsibility, a lack of relevant curriculum to leave students ‘job ready,’ and the idea that hairdressing is not a long-term career choice), THE CRAFT meets all training package requirements in a one-stop, turnkey solution for now and the future.

A first-even coalition of global masters will bring the world of hairdressing to students’ doorstep. Delivered by hairdressing luminaries such as SASSOON Academy, Vivienne Mackinder and Lady Blain, of course, educator content is matched by detailed student learner guidelines in assessment tools, teacher support, marking guides and handbooks.

“THE CRAFT is a future proof yet affordable offering for students and education providers in a delivery system that embraces digital disruption and the learning preferences of today’s students,” says Sharon.

“TAFE’s, Colleges and Registered Training Organisations powered by THE CRAFT can together be the vital engine and trusted partner of the industry, simultaneously addressing our most crucial issues and reigniting passion for hair and beauty in Australia and beyond.”

Mapped to training packages for certificates and diplomas, this new gold standard in education can also be offered as stand-alone short courses around the world. THE CRAFT will successfully:

  • Lift the value of the industry and attract more students.
  • Meet the massive untapped potential to foster world-class training for learning, motivational up-skilling, creativity and overall best practice for existing professionals and apprentices
  • Remove the stress and time required for curriculum preparation, allowing trainers and assessors to focus their time and energy on supporting their students, instead of tedious administrative tasks
  • Provide ‘train the trainer’ programs that support hard working teachers, keeping them engaged, current and inspired, whilst also backing them with a unified front where the whole industry works together to push education forward
  • Retain and motivate students to finish their education, remain in the industry, and continue their journey with a world of opportunities in their hands

“One of my biggest beliefs is that for our industry to have long term momentum, education is critical, especially for every student’s journey. Excellent education sets them up for a career grounded in success, knowledge and ability to grow their profession and skill to the highest level,” says Tabatha Coffey.

“What Sharon Blain and her team are creating with THE CRAFT excites me, and the benefits and learnings for students will be amazing and life-changing. I am looking forward to watching students engage and propel the industry and their careers ahead with this fresh approach.”

Join the #LOVEMYCRAFT movement at and discover how to work with Sharon and THE CRAFT team.