For their first group sojourn, the Australian FAME team cast a mirror on the present, exploring the myriad elements that define our collective experience. Enter Zeitgeist; the intricately styled portrait of a generation.

Model wears Guzman structured dress.
Model wears Nofunovic sweetheart tartan turtleneck and grey wrap skirt.
Model wears Nofunovic tartan shirt and grey coat.

“I wanted to take the technique of finger waving and make it relevant again; adding my own twist. Using the inspiration of ‘opulent street cred,’ I created highs and lows in the waves for a feeling of luxury, using vivid colours to make it more ‘street.’ My look was incredibly colour heavy, so key products included the beautiful La Biosthetique portfolio shades of magenta and blue, which I used both on the model’s own hair and supplemented with gorgeous Great Lengths extensions for that luxe-opulent feel.” Shantelle Neate

Model wears green sweater underneath Guzman gold dress.

“I was inspired by classic setting techniques such as the figure of 8 and v pin set and rolls. I made these contemporary by creating an angular silhouette and incorporating clashing textures. I looked at brands such as Vêtements and Off White – with their street aesthetic and loud branding made couture through the use of dramatic silhouettes and expensive materials. Key products were my Cloud 9 hot tools; evo gangster grip and haze were used to create a dusty cloudy finish on the ends. The top was then dressed into a roll with an undone texture, clashing with the slicked sections and creating an opulent height to the shape.” Elizabeth Shedwick

Model wears Nofunovic red sweater and Guzman tulle skirt.

“With my look I wanted to create contrasting elements within the hair, from short to long lengths and wet to dry textures with a strong pop of colour against the model’s darker base. I wanted to create a stamp effect that gave an abstract feeling with the red flash of colour; working a square section that passes across the round of the head using La Biosthetique’s Dream Cream to lighten followed by straight red mix and tone lotion. Other key products for me were evo head mistress cuticle sealer to make the hair very workable when cutting and evo love touch to give a high shine glossy editorial finish.” Ben Russell

Model wears Guzman off the shoulder bodice and Stephanie Schafer beige flared pants.

“To create the shape of my look, I used a scalp braid to form my base where I could next add padding and bobby pin the whole style together. The back is very classic but I made it modern by making the French rolls spare and having them sit in different ways. I used evo builders paradise to set the shape, to which I attached the intricate beading for a hand crafted finish. The beading took hours to finish, but I loved being able to create something with my hands!” Tiffany Decaux