With AHFA19 Entries Opening 1st September, we take a look back at Damien Rinaldo’s winning Australian Hairdresser of the Year Collection.

Enter Self by Damien Rinaldo.

Taking out the top gong for a second consecutive year, the ever-visionary Session Stylist and L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassador once again wowed judges with a monochromatic spell of quixotic brilliance.

Smartphones were steadied as International Session Stylist Kevin Murphy was called to the stage for the night’s most anticipated announcement. Ladies and Gentlemen; the 2018 AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Mr. Damien Rinaldo.

“I think I age about ten years every time I get up on stage,” laughed a characteristically discreet Damien Rinaldo; a man famed as much for his prolific body of work and otherworldly talent as his revered industry status. 

“Walking in tonight, I felt like a winner. I heard so many beautiful words from so many people about the work, and ultimately, this is what I do it for, and why I love what I do”.

Brave, enlightened and artisinally executed, Damien’s award-winning collection ‘Self’ is a thoughtful exploration of the beauty that exists within imperfection; an ode to humans in their rawest, most authentic form.

The Self collection is austerity made manifest; ‘It’s you, nothing but you, no more or less, not trying to make yourself something you’re not,’ muses Damien. “This collection has the DNA of Boris but in a new, back-to-basics direction.”

“The work of photographer Peter Lindbergh had a big influence on the shoot. His style of images includes black and white imagery, celebrities and close headshots or from the torso up.”

Don’t take our word for it; peruse through the enchanting collection in all of its winning glory.

Visit: https://www.australianhairfashionawards.com