Embrace a return to glamour with Dyson Styling Ambassador, Renya Xydis in new editorial, CHARMÉ.

The all-star access continued for our current FAME Team recently with a virtual tour and styling session in the private ‘hair room’ of Renya Xydis. House to the visionary’s inimitable collection of wigs, tools, glue guns, runway memorabilia and draws (and draws!) of unlikely accessories, the space is what young hairdressers’ dreams are made of, with just a select few stepping inside.

The full-day Dyson masterclass saw five golden era beauty looks effortlessly modernised, before being captured, live, by our very own David Mannah. Frothy eruptions of touchable texture were prepped and sculpted using Dyson’s full arsenal of professional tools. The brand’s renowned power couple, the Supersonic Pro and Corrale Pro Styler were on constant rotation, protecting hair from heat damage while propelling style with a powerful V9 motor and tailored (cord free!) temperature control, respectively.

“I really put each tool to work when creating these looks, and first primed the hair’s possibilities with a solid foundation using the Dyson Supersonic Professional Hairdryer and Dyson 45mm Round Vented Brush.”

“From here, we built on and elevated each design to editorial status with the Dyson Corrale Stylist Edition Straightening Iron,” says Renya.

“What I love about the tools, is their potential to create volume and texture across any hair type I am presented with. Working backstage for example, we have one set of tools and 30-plus unique heads of hair, all requiring a similar look … with Dyson, the challenge is removed and creativity allowed to shine.”

Of course, there are few who can twist, wave and blow-dry like Renya … secrets now in the emerging hands of our lucky FAME crew. Watch this space.

To learn more about Dyson professional tools, here.

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The Dyson heat styling portfolio is an extension of not only my skillset, but creativity, too. The tools allow easy manifestation of any ideas I’ve been developing, or even those that come to me mid-style … there is no look unattainable with the engineering of Dyson by my side.


Renya Xydis