LAUNCH: Dyson Unveils Groundbreaking Supersonic Nural™ Hair Dryer

dyson-nural dyson-nural

In a mammoth global launch event held in Seoul, South Korea, James Dyson, the visionary founder and Chief Engineer of Dyson, introduces the world to the Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer. Representing the pinnacle of hair care innovation, this cutting-edge device is equipped with revolutionary Nural™ sensor technology designed to safeguard scalp health and enhance the natural beauty of hair.

“If you’re able to limit heat damage, you can get a healthier scalp; and healthier hair,” asserts James Dyson, highlighting the core philosophy behind the Supersonic Nural™. The inclusion of the Nural™ sensors enables the hair dryer to intelligently adjust heat and airflow, thus preventing heat damage to both the scalp and hair. Dyson’s unwavering commitment to research and development is evident in the creation of this sophisticated hair care solution.

Central to the Supersonic Nural™ is the Scalp Protect mode, which automatically reduces heat to an optimal 55°C, ensuring scalp comfort while preserving drying speed. Shawn Lim, Head of Research at Dyson, emphasizes the importance of maintaining scalp moisture levels, underscoring how Scalp Protect mode helps achieve this vital objective.

Furthermore, the hair dryer’s Attachment Learning feature simplifies styling routines by adapting to users’ preferences, memorizing their last-used settings for each attachment. This, coupled with the innovative Pause Detect function, which automatically adjusts heat and airflow between styling passes, ensures a seamless and efficient styling experience.

Renowned figures in the beauty industry have lauded the Supersonic Nural™ for its transformative impact on scalp and hair care. Trichologist Chelcey Salinger commends its ability to mitigate environmental damage, while Dyson Styling Ambassador Renya Xydis heralding its versatility in transitioning between styling tools. “This product is groundbreaking for scalp care, however it also allows for a seamless transition between styling tools, with it’s attachment learning technology,” Renya explains. This will revolutionise the way I style my clients hair, as well as how they can replicate the style at home. 

For consumers seeking to elevate their hair care regimen, the Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer stands as a beacon of innovation and efficacy. With its impending availability on April 11 at and Dyson Demo stores, priced at AU$749, this groundbreaking device promises to redefine standards of hair care excellence worldwide.

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