Stop thinking about time as something that needs to be managed, it is there to be invested, just the way you invest money for the greatest return, the same goes with your time.

Kate Christie (Time Stylers), De Lorenzo ASPYA Guest Speaker

A revered event on the Australian hairdressing calendar, De Lorenzo’s infamous ASPYA conference this year took to Auckland, New Zealand, hosting upward of 350 delegates, or more aptly, extended family members of the brand.

Celebrating the event’s 16thyear, the brimming itinerary kicked things off at the Auckland Museum; bringing guests together for a cultural welcome including the much respected, Haka ‘dance.’ The theme for 2018 was ‘Everyone is Beautiful and Everyone is a Star;’ a sentiment that rang true with this enlightening exposure into Maori culture, its mysteries, wisdom and welcoming ethos.

Day One introduced ASPYA guests to their host for the next two days (back by popular demand) Logie award winning actor and writer, Rob Carlton who introduced the first speaker, Chris De Lorenzo.

“ASPYA was a dream of our founders Vincent and Anton De Lorenzo to provide high standards for salons and the services they provide through participation and the sharing of ideas.”

“Thank you to all who have attended and for making this real. ASPYA salons have experienced growth this financial year despite an overall flat market, and this has been achieved through marketing ideas and support, rebooking rates and special promotions. We are dedicated to the continuation of this in 2019 and beyond.”

Kate Christie of Time Stylers was next to the stage and with the huge promise of 30 additional hours of time for each person in the room, every month. Skeptical were some, however the insights and intelligence that followed left the group convinced and ready to make a change to their work and home-life outlook and behaviors.

Katie started by encouraging delegates to map a day and gather data of how time is spent. Analyse this and label each task a Must, Want, Reject or Delegation (tasks that could be outsourced). Step 4 is about reframing your day and Step 5 is when you take control.

“The first shift is about changing-up the lingo. Stop thinking about time as something that needs to be managed, it is there to be invested, just the way you invest money for the greatest return, the same goes with your time,” said Kate.

Second to this, Kate asked for everyone to stop being so ‘busy.’

“Everyone talks about how busy they are – it’s not a badge of honor; something to demonstrate we’re working hard. When you talk about being busy you’re talking about how unproductive you are– let’s talk about being great, and awesome,” she said.

Another key takeaway included the fact that we humans (male and females!) are not very good multi-taskers – in fact it’s productivity’s worst enemy! This was demonstrated via the simple task of asking ASPYA guests to recite the alphabet and then count quickly from 1 – 26. Easy. However when the group was asked to count to 26 and recite the alphabet, simultaneously (1a, 2b, 3c, 4d) the output dramatically decreased.

“This illustrates that we’re not wired to multitask. Only 2% of the human population can effectively multitask, they are called super-taskers and they actually become calmer with the more that is thrown at them.”

The moral of the story? Do one task at a time!

The surprises kept rolling with a show from Chris Dove and John Simpson of CoCre8 whose interpretation of De Lorenzo’s new NovaSemi colour range inspired a wave of amazement around the room. The life and business partners experimented with the unlimited capacity of the range; pushing the formulas to new levels of ‘vivid’ before illustrating more wearable, grey-silver and pastel shades.

Monday night’s gala adopted a Bond theme inviting ASPYA members to bring their best James and Honey Rider. While there were no ASPYA Salon of the Year announcements, respective ASPYA salons were awarded for 15 years’ loyalty in 2018 (in addition to the expected 5 and 10 year loyalty accolades).

Formalities wrapped and the dance floor flared before kicked heels moved into a replica Casino Royale scene. Equipped with gambling tables (fake chips and money), it was a catalyst for many a hazy head come Day Two of guest speakers.

Lisa Conway stepped up for a lesson on confidence, how to harness it for better business and a brighter life, before the profile everyone had been patiently awaiting, gold Logie winning actor, writer and more poignantly, avid philanthropist, Samuel Johnson. Not a dry eye remained as the down to earth media profile shared his life story with the crowd … but more about that in Issue 5 of The Journal magazine!

Thanks for having us De Lorenzo!

A big congratulations to the below ASPYA salons and a special mention to Hall of Fame inductee Hornsby Heights Hairdressing.

Five Years

  • Becky B
  • Birds & Fellas
  • Bliss The Art Of Hair
  • Buzz Hair Studio
  • Cuts On Gibraltar
  • D’Aaguanno Hair Design
  • Embellish You
  • Hair Affair
  • Hair Razing Hair Designers
  • Head On In
  • Hoopla Salon
  • Liana James
  • SAHB Hair & Beauty
  • Sapphire Hair Design
  • Stand Out Hair Designs

Ten Years

  • Aspire Hair & Beauty
  • Cornerworks Hairdressing
  • DCS Hairdressing
  • Debbie Atkins
  • Deja Vu Hair & Beauty
  • Erina Hairport
  • Establishment Hair. Skin. Body
  • Interlocks Hair – Face – Body
  • Leave Looking Gorgeous
  • Rathmines Hair Design
  • Roca Verde
  • SOGO Hair
  • The Little Birdcage
  • Tuto Per Te

15 Years

  • Envious Hair Boutique
  • Hair @ Hillarys
  • Punch Salon

Hall of Fame

  • Hornsby Heights Hairdressing

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