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It’s no secret that hairdressing packs some serious heart. Overall there has been a widespread shift in values across our industry in recent years, with many brands and salons alike focusing on improving their sustainability efforts at every level.

Unlike trends we report on that come and go, we’re thrilled to report that the issue of sustainability with hairdressing and beauty is only gaining momentum with many brands announcing initiatives to reduce waste and commit to sustainable practice, oftentimes through partnerships with social enterprises.

This July, Davines Group (a certified B Corp company since 2016) has renewed its partnership with Plastic Bank, confirming and extending its commitment to regeneration. The target for 2022? For every product sold by Davines Group, an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic will be collected, or in other words, Davines Group will achieve neutralization of its plastic emissions and obtaining Plastic Neutral certification from Plastic Bank. This ambitious target for the eco-conscious Group comes after the conclusion of the ‘Rethinking Plastic’ campaign in 2021 in which 100 tons of plastic were collected from coastal areas of Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

For more information on this incredible move toward long-term sustainability, click here.