Customise your Colour with New Shades from TIGI

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The dream of ©ustomised results for every Brunette is now a reality. TIGI copyright ©olour presents ©ustom Collection Brunettes for 2016, showcasing 7 new shades and 4 on-trend techniques that allow colourists to provide clients with beautiful personalised, brunette results. The thrill of owning something unique and original is becoming increasingly desirable, with consumers rejecting the notion of mass marketing. The TIGI Creative Technical Team understands that today’s clients want tailored services for their individual needs and lifestyles and ©ustomisation is about empowering individuals to create a personal edit.

TIGI’s bespoke consultation model, Creative Consultation, empowers colourists to create ©ustomised colour services to indulge their clients with the ultimate colour service. TIGI believes when a client receives ©ustomised colour, created for them by their colourist, it’s the most flattering, and also helps build a stronger relationship between the colourist and client. 7 amazing new golden and red mahogany shades, designed by the TIGI International Creative Team, provide the foundation for ©ustom Collection Brunettes, giving colourists even more power to create beautiful, sumptuous, tailored brunette results.

The 4 on-trend techniques enable the colourist to personalise their clients’ colour. Techniques used to create ©ustom Collection Brunettes include: Glazing which gives a rich, classic finish; Contouring to create a soft focal point and personalised effect; Colour Pop, a striking effect created with bold focal points against darker tones and Natural Illumination giving on trend effects transitioning from darker roots to lighter ends.

“As with every colour collection we launch, the new techniques developed for ©ustom Collection Brunettes will be shared through TIGI Colour Education. This highly successful Colour Consultation programme, gives colourists the tools and know-how to create ©ustomised colouring services, utilising a brunette palette with tailor-made colour formulas, as well as personalised techniques and colour placement.” Warren Boodaghian, TIGI European Technical Creative Director

“The new collection links perfectly to our trend forecast for autumn-winter 2016 with a modern vision of dense shades and mysterious depths. We want to inspire colourists to translate these new trends, pushing their own technical and artistic ability through the creative power of ©ustomised colour to excite and flatter every client.” Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Technical Creative Director

– TJ